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Woman’s breast implant saves her from a gunshot




  • A 30 year-old woman from Toronto, Canada survived a gunshot after her breast implant protected her from the bullet.
  • It was a close range gunshot to her chest but her silicone breast implants saved her, said the doctors.
  • The patient even rushed herself into a local emergency department to seek treatment after being shot.

A 30-year-old woman came storming in the emergency room of a hospital in Toronto, Canada seeking for treatment. The woman was shot by an unknown gunman on her chest. However, she was still able to drive to the hospital as she only sustained a wound and some broken ribs, among others.

The doctors were in awe when they discovered that the woman’s silicone breast implant possibly saved her from the close-range gunshot as it deflected the bullet away from damaging her heart.

“The bullet wound entry was on the left breast, but the rib fracture was on the right side. The bullet entered the skin on the left side first, and then ricocheted across her sternum into the right breast and broke her rib on the right side,” surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue said in a CNN report.

McEvenue reiterated that the woman’s breast implant was “likely responsible” for deflecting the trajectory of the bullet, saving the woman’s life.

The exact details of the crime incident, however, remain unknown at the moment. Still, the doctors couldn’t help but wonder how the gunshot victim was able to survive.

“She was talking. The trauma team was in disbelief at how well she was,” added McEvenue.

After removing her silicone breast implants, treating the fractured ribs, and administering short course of antibiotics, the doctors cleared the patient. She also passed the trauma evaluations.

The surgeon explained that there were two approved types of breast implants being sold in the United States, one’s outer shell is made of saline-filled silicone, while the other is a gel-filled silicone. They both vary in size, shell thickness, surface, texture, and shape. These silicones are used by plastic surgeons to augment a woman’s breast size.

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