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Woman’s 5-Inch-Long Eyelashes Set a Guinness World Record

Maybe she was born with it, because it sure isn’t Maybelline.


If there’s anything women would love to have on their faces, its probably long and thick eyelashes that frame their eyes and cast shadows on their cheeks. In fact, such is the quest for mile-long lashes that mascara alone comprises a million dollar industry.

Now imagine if one were born with enviously long eyelashes that sets a world record for its length. Like Jianxia of Shanghai, China, for instance.

Her lashes are nearly 5 inches long!

Jianxia must have practiced immense discipline taking care of her eye hair. She’s been growing it so carefully for almost 50 years.

The 49-year-old’s upper left eyelid lashes measure 12.4 centimeters, and she has set the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest lashes in the planet.

These eyelashes bring up so many questions from women wanting to know Jianxia’s secrets. How fast do her lashes grow? Have they ever been trimmed? Does she shampoo this part of her anatomy? Have her lashes ever suffered from split ends?

More importantly, are they her own natural lashes and not implants?

According to a Guinness World Records press release, Jianxia supposedly discovered her lashes growing at an amazing rate during an 18-month nature retreat she took in 2013.

She attributes her eyelash growth to leading a life close to nature. In fact, she schedules camping trips for the sole purpose of growing her lashes.

Preferably next to waterfalls so her lashes can mimic the constant flow.

Jianxia’s record-breaking lashes will be featured in the record book’s 2018 edition. When news spreads that living in the midst of nature can stimulate eyelash growth, then the camping and wildlife industry better be prepared for a deluge of women customers.

It’s safe to say that Jianxia won’t have to use any mascara to accentuate her prominent lash hair. She can simply comb it, braid it, or tie a bow on it.

And she’s good to go.


Guy Takes Selfie Every Day for 9 Years, Finally Smiles On His Wedding Day

Well, he has every reason to paint that smile!

Perhaps one of the best things we received from technology is photography. We’re able to save memories, most particularly the special ones. If there’s an event or a milestone, we can simply take our cameras or phones out and take pictures. And when it comes to such topic, selfies are without a doubt the most interesting.

This is exactly what Hugo Cornellier did as he took selfies every single day since 2008. Yes, you read that right – he started taking daily photos of himself 9 years ago when he was still 12. Unlike other kids during that time, he was more into taking pictures than playing video games.

Hugo, who hails from Canada, was inspired by Noah Kalina. The latter basically posted a time frame made up with various self-portraits. Thinking it was cool and unique, he did the same thing and came up with his own project.

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Guy’s Trick Might Be The Dumbest Solution To A Problem But It Actually Worked

It seemed silly but it actually turned out to be genius!

We are often placed in a problematic situation by surprise that we can’t even think of something to resolve it on the spot. When that happens, most of us end up resorting to some dumb solutions that will clearly lead us to disastrous results. Apparently, this isn’t always the ending as seemingly-stupid solutions can work out perfectly for us at times.

The human brain works in mysterious ways. It is the main system that controls our reasoning, but at times, most especially when we are startled, it doesn’t function that efficiently. Apparently, this man had enough mind practices as his genius reasoning got him out of a situation that was supposed to cost him hundreds of bucks.

A lot of Reddit users flocked on a post asking about the dumbest solution that actually worked out.

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Russian Model Gets Two Guinness World Records For Her Extremely Long Legs

As if one Guinness World Record isn’t impressive enough, this woman actually has two!

As if scoring one world record wasn’t impressive enough, this female model from Russia managed to get two because of her amazing long legs. As reported recently, Guinness World Records has officially confirmed Ekaterina Lisina as the new title holder for the Longest Legs in the female category.

Representatives from Guinness visited Ekaterina in Penza, Russia, her hometown, and had her legs measured by independent professionals, as per the guidelines implemented by the organization. A seamstress and a doctor each took measurements from her heel to her hip.

Those are really lengthy legs!

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