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Woman Complains of Shoe Pain All Night, Did Not Notice She Was Wearing Them on the Wrong Feet




  • It was a case of the right shoe on the left foot and left shoe on the right foot.
  • Ayleigh McGehee’s friend tweeted a picture of her wearing the shoes wrong and it became viral.
  • Women should always keep in mind the dangers of wearing high heels on the regular.

Women know only too well the price of beauty, especially with wearing high heels. Despite the pain and the risks of permanent foot injury, a woman will still sacrifice her precious ankle just to look oh-so-sexy in those stilettos.

But for Ayleigh McGhee, the pain of high heels came from an embarrassing mistake – she has been wearing her stilettos on the wrong feet the entire night. The blond beauty from Glasgow complained about being in pain all night and that she couldn’t walk in her shoes.

Funny enough, it was her friend Georgia Henry who pointed out Ayleigh’s mistake by posting a picture showing Ayleigh posing in her heels.

“Asleigh was actual moanin the full night sayin she couldn’t walk in her shoes n only just realised this morning she was wearing them in the wrong feet. this lassie man,” Georgia tweeted.

Some friend, huh?

Of course, Twitter was awash with laughter at the girl’s mistake. Comments like ‘Ayleigh omg you never fail’ and ‘How would you not know ffs’ peppered the comments section.

Poor girl got some sympathy as well. Some commented that ‘Ahh the thing is that literally is something I’d do ahahahaha’ and ‘Defo can see me doing this.’ One said that ‘Could have been me on that night tbh, considering they wouldn’t even stay on.’

Except for the shoe mistake, Ayleigh looked like a million bucks – she was wearing a simple black dress that hugged her curves, her hair was done right, and her accessories were lovely, which were animal print and shoes.

Given the sexiness factor of wearing high heels, it’s impossible to stop women from wearing them. But it does help to remind them of the dangers of slipping into those stilettos.

Pain usually subsides once you take off your shoes but prolonged wearing can cause more serious damage such as sprains and knee pain. Worse, it can turn into crooked feed, awkward spinal curve, and constricting of blood vessels.

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