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Woman Shares Disturbing Photos Of Insect In Pesto Pasta





When we go to a restaurant, we expect a nice ambiance, good service, and amazing food. That’s why we made an effort to go out of the house and spend money in the first place.

However, it is also common knowledge that there are no perfect restaurants out there as mistakes happen every day. But it is safe to say that even the most understanding customer would be very upset when they find an insect in their food.

Youki Sunaga and her friend when to a restaurant in the Philippines, which specializes in pizza and pasta. Since the restaurant had a running promo, they decided to eat there. Youki and her friend ordered a combo set, then they added a pesto pasta.

Youki noted that even though the food arrived longer than usual, they were patient about it. In fact, they didn’t complain even when the pasta arrived and it was cold. All they wanted to do at the time was to eat.

However, Youki saw a cockroach mixed in the pesto while she was eating it. She then moved the insect to the side and took a snap of it then brought it to the counter.

As they were about to leave, the manager tried to make it up to them by asking if they wanted medical attention. But Youki believed that it was best to file a complaint via email, so she declined the offer. The store manager asked for her details and told her that they will contact her.

Just like what she said, Youki sent feedback via the restaurant’s website after she left. She also sent a private message to their official Facebook page. But instead of getting an apology or something, she received a response asking for her details once again. After she obliged, she didn’t hear anything from them anymore.

Youki then sent a follow-up message the next day. The restaurant replied and said that her concern was forwarded to management. Then just like the day prior, she didn’t hear from them again.

Youki was disappointed as she ranted on social media for disregarding her complaint and discouraged other people to eat at the said restaurant.

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