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Woman Searches for the Mysterious Man Who Helped Her After a Seizure Attack on the Train

Ann Nuñez





27-year-old Ellie Farnfield thought it was just a typical day commute for her that fateful day in October. However, she got confused when she woke up in the train station, with a handwritten note in one hand.

According to the note, the good Samaritan helped Ellie when she had a seizure on the train. The mysterious man left her coffee and money for a cab and made sure that medical help was available when she regained consciousness.


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Farnfield still has yet to meet Tom. She has posted in her social media accounts to search for him and personally thank him, with major websites even picking up her search for the elusive good Samaritan.

I just want to thank Tom for his help. I’d tell him: ‘You’re a star and I really, really appreciate it“, the acupunture student said in an interview. “I’d also like to return the money. There is something really lovely about the kindness of a stranger. If I meet him, drinks are on me“.

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Beauty Queen Knelt Before A Garbage Collector Woman, The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

She not just won the crown, but the hearts of people too because of her humility!

Mika Castro



17-year old Khanitta "Mint" Phasaeng did not only win the title for Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015, but also the hearts of netizens all over Asia . And it is not just her exceptional beauty that is the reason for the people's admiration, but her humility. Photos of Mint kneeling by her mother's feet in her sash and crown were uploaded by a Thai Radio Station Page Feel 96.5 Rayong. The photos became viral earning Mint the approval of people for her loving act for her mom.

After winning the pageant, Mint immediately went back to her hometown and honored her mother. She did not care that they were by the sidewalk beside garbage bins, nor that she was dressed in all her finery as a newly crowned beauty queen, she knelt down on all fours and bowed her head in respect by her mother's feet. This kneeling bow is the highest honorific gesture accorded to elders in Thailand.

The viral photo of Mint kneeling before her mother


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7-Year-Old Boy Takes Care of His Paralyzed Dad After Mom Abandoned Them

This son’s love for his father is unconditional indeed.

Ann Moises



Children are fortunate if they are born with loving parents. Parents, on the other hand, are blessed if their children grow up to be caring, selfless, and loving as well.

Ou Yanglin is an ordinary boy who lives with his father in Wangpu village in Guizhou province, southwest China. This first grader wakes up at six in the morning every day to take care of his father. He has been doing this for over a year, teaching himself how to cook rice, buying vegetables at a local market, and feeding his dad before going to school.


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Landscapes Painted On Tree Logs Depict The Beauty Of Nature And Proof Of Its Destruction.

An amazing work of art about the beauty and importance of nature.

Jessa Ventures



Nature is one of God's finest creations, his precious gift to humankind and his expression of beauty. The vast oceans, highest mountains, blue skies, tall and green trees--they are all part of mother nature. Sadly, we are also responsible for its own destruction and if we don't take good care of it, this beauty will soon fade and perish.

Alison Moritsugu, a New York-based artist paints picturesque and natural landscapes on logs and tree stumps. Aside from promoting art, history and the breathtaking beauty of nature, her advocacy is to raise awareness about what is currently happening to our environment and what we should be doing to save it.

"Today, photoshopped images of verdant forests and unspoiled beaches invite us to vacation and sightsee, providing a false sense of assurance that the wilderness will always exist."

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