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Woman Says Notre Dame Fire Shows Image Of Jesus, Claims It ‘Will Bring Comfort’

Can you see Jesus Christ in the flames?


The world was in shock when images of Notre-Dame de Paris engulfed in flames were seen all over the internet. However, one woman believes she has seen something truly divine in the fire. She claims that the image of Jesus Christ can be seen in the flames and it could be a sign of hope.

Lesley Rowan from West Dunbartonshire, Scotland is just one of the millions who watched the Notre Dame fire on TV and the internet. However, Rowan’s horror turned into hope as she noticed something in the flames. She took to social media to ask if other people can see the image of Jesus in the fire.

Can you see the image of Jesus in the picture below?

Rowan admitted that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing at first.

“When I looked at this photo last night, I was really astounded by what I saw. When I look at it I see a silhouette of Jesus. I really see a vivid image. I shared it and asked for people’s opinions – even my brother in Australia said it looks like Jesus,” she said.

Not surprisingly, people agreed with Rowan. “I can see it pretty clear, gown and all. Imagine this was how God showed us he wasn’t happy with us, by using acts of god to take away ancient, beautiful monuments and cathedrals,” one comment read.

The fire damaged the cathedral’s roof and spire.

Rowan believes that the image of Jesus was a sign of hope and not an ominous one.

“I feel like it will bring comfort to people in Paris and all over the world at this sad time,” she said.

The Notre Dame fire is believed to have started on the evening of April 15. It is reported that there was an ongoing mass when the fire alarm went off. Luckily, the cathedral was evacuated in an orderly manner and no one was injured.

See more of the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire below:

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