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Woman Claims God Spared The Cross In Notre Dame Fire, Gets Schooled About Melting Point

“I’m sorry the education system has so clearly failed you. We obviously need to do better.”


The Notre Dame fire is undoubtedly difficult to watch for most people. After all, the images of a centuries-old structure being destroyed is certainly heartbreaking. Not surprisingly, a believer claims that one particular photo proved that God had spared the cathedral’s golden cross from destruction. It wasn’t long before netizens began schooling the woman on how melting points work.

The woman shared one of the pictures showing the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire. In the image, it is clear that the golden cross on the cathedral’s altar is relatively unscathed amidst the destruction around it. She then added a caption claiming that it confirms God’s existence.

It’s certainly a hopeful message yet people weren’t buying it. Twitter users immediately reminded the woman that a wood fire doesn’t burn hot enough to melt gold. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) kindly started it with a suggested science experiment.

A few netizens were more blunt, sharing facts about the melting point of gold.

Naturally, some believers leaped to the woman’s defense. However, they were promptly shut down as well.

Other people were simply irked that the fire fighters who saved Notre Dame were being ignored.

Then things just started getting hilarious.

Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire on the evening of April 15. The fire started on the roof of the cathedral and has caused extensive damage to the building. It took 15 hours before fire fighters could get the flames under control.

The wooden roof and the spire suffered the most damage. The cathedral’s interior, upper walls, and windows were also damaged. However, a priest has confirmed that all the important artifacts and artworks housed in Notre Dame have been saved as they were removed from the cathedral prior to renovations.

It is still unclear how long it will take to fix the damages on Notre Dame. There are reports that restoration work could cost billions and might last for more than two decades.

See the first images from the Notre Dame fire below:

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