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Backpacker Forced to Deny He’s Jesus After Being Mistaken in Kenya

One even said that the Australian should be crucified so he could rise again — which is, undoubtedly, alarming for the traveler.






An Australian man has been backpacking around Kenya for two weeks and now people insist that he is Jesus. You might see why you can’t blame people for thinking that. Daniel Christos does look like the Messiah and people are convinced that he is.

Christos goes barefoot, he wears a robe, has a thick beard and long hair — just how Jesus is mostly portrayed in pictures.

The backpacker gets constantly mobbed by fans for looking like Christ and because of that, Daniel has taken to Facebook to deny that he is the Son of God. He admitted that life as a traveler has become challenging ever since locals think how much he looks like Jesus. People have gone as far as taking pictures and videos of him every day and captioning it with #JesusinNairobi. The hashtag is there to help people track the “Messiah’s” whereabouts.

Fanatics are convinced that Jesus walks among people that one follower said Christos should be crucified so he could rise again — which is, undoubtedly, alarming for the traveler.

There’s a solution to stop people from spreading these rumors and that is shaving his thick beard and chopping off his hair. But Christos doesn’t want to do any of that, according to Outdoor Revival. He, instead, accepted interviews while in the African nation to convince people that he’s just some guy from Perth, Australia.

Perth man Daniel Christos gets constantly mobbed for selfies because he looks like Jesus.

In the interview with Kenya NTV, Christos shared his family and educational background. He is a computer science graduate and worked as a software engineer. But that life didn’t suit Christos; he was getting gray hair from all the stress and he was just 22 years old at that time. He decided that he would change his life by going on a journey with fewer material things.

The Australian backpacker has accepted interviews to clear the rumors of him being the Messiah.

Some people would even suggest he gets crucified so he can rise again.

Unfortunately for Christos, his interviews didn’t change people’s opinion about him. He is still Jesus in everyone’s eyes. Some would even greet him, “Welcome back, Jesus”, which has started to make him feel uncomfortable. Let’s just hope he’ll be safe all throughout his journey.

Check out Daniel Christos’ interview in the video below.

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Karaoke In Cambodia Is Possibly The Most Absurd Karaoke Game Ever

Live frogs, snakes, and other reptiles are dumped while a singer attempts to finish a song.

Mark Andrew



How do you give a new spin to classic karaoke contests? Well you mix it in with some crazy concepts and you’re good to go. In Japan, for instance, a game show went with the strange idea where male karaoke singers are given hand jobs by pretty ladies while they sing.

Meanwhile in Cambodia, another television show came up with something they called Killer Karaoke Cambodia and its name is as brutal as the game actually is. In the said game, a contestant will have to sing a song while strapped in a seat and then live animals – such as frogs and snakes – will be dumped during the performance as the singer attempts to finish the entire song.

Sounds insane, you say? It totally is and you have to see it for yourself.

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Man And His Girlfriend Rode the Slingshot, Got So Traumatized He Screamed For His Momma

Dude totally lost his man card!




The slingshot is probably one of the scariest rides at the amusement park. Two passengers are propelled more than 300 feet up in the air at around 100 miles per hour. It’s not for the faint of heart. Now sexist ones will tell you that the slingshot is more of a man’s ride and that women may not be up for the challenge of being ejected vertically.

This video says otherwise because dude practically lost his manhood when he rode the slingshot with his girl; up there in the air, HE practically lost it while his girl seemed to enjoy it more than he did!

The hilarious video started with the couple nervously waiting to be ejected up into the air.

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This Couple Does Dirty Deed Outside Of London Pub Infront of Cheering Onlookers

People are more entertained than appalled seeing these two!




Too much alcohol can make a person do crazy things -- just like this couple in London, who couldn’t keep it in their pants and wait to get a room to do the dirty deed. They just had to do it right beside the entrance door of a bar in London.

An onlooker decided to film the action on Snapchat for everyone to see. It starts off with the guy giving the girl the finger pleasure, as some people walked past them. One guy was even going inside the pub and saw the two and you can just imagine what goes on in his head.

There was some heavy kissing, as well as some passionate embrace seen in the video. Then it gets really nasty as the man starts to take off his belt. The next clip shows that the girl has already gone down on her lover. An onlooker can be heard saying, “She’s sucking his c---! She’s actually sucking his c---!” while another went in front of the camera giving a thumbs up sign. Apparently, people are more entertained than appalled by what they just saw.

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