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Backpacker Forced to Deny He’s Jesus After Being Mistaken in Kenya





An Australian man has been backpacking around Kenya for two weeks and now people insist that he is Jesus. You might see why you can’t blame people for thinking that. Daniel Christos does look like the Messiah and people are convinced that he is.

Christos goes barefoot, he wears a robe, has a thick beard and long hair — just how Jesus is mostly portrayed in pictures.

The backpacker gets constantly mobbed by fans for looking like Christ and because of that, Daniel has taken to Facebook to deny that he is the Son of God. He admitted that life as a traveler has become challenging ever since locals think how much he looks like Jesus. People have gone as far as taking pictures and videos of him every day and captioning it with #JesusinNairobi. The hashtag is there to help people track the “Messiah’s” whereabouts.

Fanatics are convinced that Jesus walks among people that one follower said Christos should be crucified so he could rise again — which is, undoubtedly, alarming for the traveler.

There’s a solution to stop people from spreading these rumors and that is shaving his thick beard and chopping off his hair. But Christos doesn’t want to do any of that, according to Outdoor Revival. He, instead, accepted interviews while in the African nation to convince people that he’s just some guy from Perth, Australia.

Perth man Daniel Christos gets constantly mobbed for selfies because he looks like Jesus.

In the interview with Kenya NTV, Christos shared his family and educational background. He is a computer science graduate and worked as a software engineer. But that life didn’t suit Christos; he was getting gray hair from all the stress and he was just 22 years old at that time. He decided that he would change his life by going on a journey with fewer material things.

The Australian backpacker has accepted interviews to clear the rumors of him being the Messiah.

Some people would even suggest he gets crucified so he can rise again.

Unfortunately for Christos, his interviews didn’t change people’s opinion about him. He is still Jesus in everyone’s eyes. Some would even greet him, “Welcome back, Jesus”, which has started to make him feel uncomfortable. Let’s just hope he’ll be safe all throughout his journey.

Check out Daniel Christos’ interview in the video below.

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