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Proposed New Design For Notre Dame Cathedral Looks Terrific

One architect is proposing for a glass roof and a garden for the iconic cathedral.

April 15, 2019 will always be remembered as that day when fire destroyed The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The public was left heartbroken but fortunately, generous donations immediately poured in and so sufficient funds have been raised to rebuild the beloved historic landmark.

Now one of the proposed designs has been unveiled and it looks very different from what it looks like before the tragic blaze. If approved, the new design means that the cathedral will have an eco-friendly glass roof and a garden in the future.

Soon after the chapel’s destruction, President Emmanuel Macron spoke through a televised address and declared Notre Dame will be rebuilt within five years. An international architectural competition has since been launched and numerous submissions have been received.

Now a Sky News report has just shared an interesting new design by Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian-French architect who visualized a “Gothic and biomimetic forest” and a “solar and ventilated roof” for the religious structure.

According to the architect’s official website:

“The new wooden frame is covered with a three-dimensional crystal glass dress subdivided into faceted diamond-shaped elements.

“These crystals consist of an organic active layer, made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, which absorbs light and transforms it into power. This energy, stored in hydrogen fuel cells, will be directly redistributed throughout the cathedral.”

The architect likewise pointed out that the garden’s purpose goes beyond “contemplation and meditation” since his proposal says that it will grow 21 tons of fruits and vegetables each year – which will then be distributed for free.

As the proposal further tells us:

“To that end, a farmers’ market would be held every week on the forecourt of Notre-Dame.”

So far, the government has yet to pick a winning submission. Suffice it to say, however, that Callebaut’s proposed design is already gaining a lot of positive feedback on the internet.


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