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Woman Makes Jewelry Out of Breast milk as a Reminder For Moms’ Breastfeeding Journey

want to make your breast milk or your baby’s hair, umbilical cord or placenta made into a gorgeous jewelry? Check this out!

Kris Evangelista





Being a parent is one of the most wonderful gifts we receive.

The journey of parenting is a challenging experience but regardless of our tough roles; we still love to treasure every minute of it.

Aside from photos, we try to save some memorabilia that would remind us the special bond we had with our little bundle of joy since they grow up so fast isn’t it?

Artists can create wonderful items out of unusual things, but what about breast milk? Can we create art from it?

Absolutely yes, this can be preserved and made in to a jewelry as reminder of our breastfeeding journey with our children. They say, “Breast milk is liquid gold” this is true as it gives the best nutrition to our babies.


Bridgette Boudreaux of Texas said she wanted to be reminded by her breastfeeding experience, and that’s how she came up with the idea of creating jewelry made from breast milk.

A sample of her jewelry creations made from breast milk. Isn't it amazing?

A sample of her jewelry creations made from breast milk. Isn't it amazing?

Bridgette Boudreaux said,

“Breast milk is your diamond made from you. You know, I culture pearls out of your own breast milk, and it’s something that you cannot buy off a shelf.

When you breastfeed, it’s something you do all day and all night

So I really wanted to commemorate the bond that only exists between mother and child.

Each breast milk pearl is a different shade of cream to white so you’re getting what came from you. No two are alike”

Learn about the process on how she makes jewelry out of breast milk, watch video here:

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According to Bridgette, customers send her half an ounce of breast milk and after 10 weeks or 3 months; the customized ring, necklace or earrings made from moms’ breast milk are done and ready to be delivered.

Boudreaux said,

“I have ones from when I started that started to turn brown or yellow, so I really needed to combat that so I found the perfect additive to preserve the breast milk. It’s no longer in liquid form.”

The process is you get the breast milk then add preservatives on it and after, put in the refrigerator. After a week, the milk becomes solid; ready to be molded to the desired shape you want for your jewelry. From there, designs and colors are incorporated. The last step is to put a top coat called resin. It hardens and protects the breast milk in the jewelry.

You can also have a piece of your baby’s placenta, hair and umbilical cords preserved in the jewelry. The customized jewelries cost from $50 to $200. The jewelries are not obvious to be made up of breast milk, moms have the option to tell the story of their jewelry or to keep it to themselves as it looks like any other beautiful accessories out there.

Bridgette Boudreaux added and said,

“With each pearl, it represents so many things for so many women.

When people buy their breast milk jewelry from me, I get their stories and a lot of their stories are empowering.

You know, the gift of life. The breast milk pearl is sustaining and life giving for many women.”

For more information, watch video here:

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This is a special jewelry made from a very valuable part of your life, surely this will remind you about your babies and your bonding with them. I’m sure moms will be so proud wearing these customized jewelry all the time.

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