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Couple Finds $18k Worth Of Diamond Rings In A $2 Board Game, Returns Treasure To Owners

“We are just standing there looking at each other like holy sh*t is this for real.”






A young Aussie couple has made an incredible discovery inside a $2 board game box. Chris Lightfoot and Mandy Flack decided to have a quiet night with their parents and play a board game. This decision will soon make them viral.

Chris and his girlfriend Mandy moved from Sydney to Toronto, Canada, earlier this year. They came across a game of enigmas called Mind Trap in an op-shop that they could play with their family. However, they ended up discovering six diamond rings hidden inside.

Chris said:

“I figured my parents were in town, so we’re not exactly going to have a wild night out drinking, I thought maybe we would go to the thrift shop and pick up some board games.”

They decided to purchase a game called “Mind Trap” and played it. Chris’ mom asked some questions from the riddle game and when she put the cards back in, they won’t fit.

He continued:

“She reaches in and pulls out a diamond ring and then another, and another and another … We are just standing there looking at each other like holy sh*t is this for real.”

Hidden inside were the six stunning diamond rings, collectively worth $18,000.

“A couple of them are worth five grand… to be honest I thought about heading back to the store and buying every board game they had,” Chris joked. “When our visa is up, we thought about buying a new boat and just setting sail to the Bahamas.”

The couple decided to keep the rings in case they needed emergency funds.

However, Chris and Mandy revealed that after their story went viral, the owners of the board game tracked the couple down and called them. The owners live on the island the board game was purchased on, and the couple decided to return their pricey discovery.

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Random Cat Goes Viral After Crashing Fashion Runway and Stealing The Show

Now that’s a literal catwalk!

Mark Andrew



It was like a bad dad joke waiting to happen and when it did, it was totally satisfying to witness. We’re talking about this entertaining incident which recently went viral on social media featuring a cat who totally stole the spotlight during a fashion show. And yes, the kitty did its own version of the catwalk!

The event was the Esmod International Fashion Show and it was held in Emaar Square Mall in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Out of nowhere, a cat invaded the floor and started cleaning herself, fighting the models, and then – like a real boss - began showing them how it’s supposed to be done.

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20 Impressive Recreations Of Childhood Photos

#16 is too sweet!




We all have a nostalgic feeling when we see our childhood photos and we can't help but think about the fun moment when that snap was captured. Now that we’re older, we had become busier and busier that we just can’t do the things that we did when we were younger.

However, some people took the initiative to relive their childhood memories by recreating old photos. Here are 20 adorable times people recreated their childhood snaps.

1. Age is the only change here.

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Donkey With Amazing Voice Sings For The Man Who Regularly Brings Her Treats

Somebody get this donkey on The X-Factor!

Nobelle Borines



Some animals are just full of surprises. An adorable donkey has forged a friendship with a man who regularly brings her treats. As if to say thank you for the kindness, the furry animal began singing for her friend.

Martin Stanton has been visiting the donkey near his home in Ireland. Stanton admits that he immediately adored Harriet although the animal barely made a sound. However, that changed one day when Harriet saw her friend arriving with the usual treats.

Harriet poses with her good friend Stanton.

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