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Woman Given Permission To Cheat By Boyfriend Claims Affairs Made Her Relationship Better





A 29-year-old woman named “Jade,” who’s been with her 50-year-old partner for eight years has opened up about how cheating has improved her relationship. Four years ago, Jade (real name withheld) received permission from her man to date other guys after having their sex life affected by his medical issues.

In an exclusive interview with FEMAIL, the London-based assistant manager explained that she only sees the positive sides to an affair. Despite acknowledging that there are people who will never agree with her stance, she insists that there’s nothing wrong with it. Some people even agree that it’s not cheating if your significant other knows and approves.

“Jade” reveals that she has affairs with married men only.

She only gets involved with married men as they don’t expect commitment..

Jade is a member of the controversial dating site Ashley Madison, which caters to people who are in a committed relationship or are married. She says her relationship with her long-term boyfriend has become better because there is no need for pressure on intimacy.

She also revealed that one guy she’s been hooking up with for the past six months even admitted that the affair improved his relationship with his wife. This is because he doesn’t feel any resentment towards his wife for not being able to provide an exciting sex life.

Affairs mean helping married couples have better relationships, Jade claims.

Jade was 21 when she met her significant other, who is a retired civil servant. She had never been with other men in her life because she was a virgin and she lost her virginity to her now-boyfriend.

But since joining Ashley Madison a year ago, Jade has already gone out on multiple dates. She had an affair with a married man for three months. She’s currently in a six-month affair with another married man. She also understands that she has her haters – mostly scorned wives. But she doesn’t think anything’s wrong with what she’s doing.

Jade even considers her affairs as a way of helping improve a couple’s relationship.

“If they’re lucky enough that they have met somebody who they’re with and they’re fully sexually compatible with then good for them. ‘But that’s not how life works out all the time, everybody is different and if this is what it takes to make someone happy and to make a couple happy, what exactly is wrong with it?”

Although Jade’s arrangements on Ashley Madison are strictly about sex, she admits that feelings do develop along the way.

“It’s hard to explain the emotion behind it, you do develop an affection for somebody. But there is no romantic feeling in a way. You know another person is not interested in you in that way and they go home to their partner and they’re happy at the end of it. A lot of affection builds up. It’s hard to have a sexual relationship with someone if you don’t care about how they’re feeling as well.”

The men she cheated with had offered her the emotional support in dealing with her own relationship issues. As she’s approaching her 30s, she’s starting to think about having kids and settling down, but her partner is not interested in those.

Jade admits that she and her partner have thought about the point where they would break up but both claim they are happy at the moment. For now, she’s doing her best to balance her love life – meeting men and having sex with them and at the same time, getting to enjoy romance with her long-term partner.

Here’s what she has to say to those who are considering cheating on their spouses:

“It comes down to different people and there would people that benefit from it, and there would be people who would struggle with it. People do have different sex drives and fetishes and different likes and dislikes, and if you conceal that side of yourself from somebody else to keep your relationship happy then I think [Ashley Madison] is a really good idea.”

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