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UAE Woman Divorces Husband Because He Doesn’t Argue and He Even Helps Clean the House

While other women can only dream of a man like this…

  • She told the court that her husband is too kind and never yelled at her even once.
  • She claimed to be “choked by his extreme love and affection.”
  • The husband begged the court not to grant the divorce.

Many wives have filed for divorces or wishing for divorce because of cruel treatment from their husbands. But not this woman – she wanted to divorce her husband because he is too kind.

She is seeking a divorce and told the Sharia court in Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates that her husband is always kind and never argued or yelled at her. In fact, her spouse has “extreme love” for her, showering her with gifts and helping her with the housework.

Surprisingly, the woman claims to have a hellish life because of her husband’s “cruel-free treatment.”

Her husband’s “love and compassion are so over the top”, she complained. So she filed for divorce.

“I am choked by his extreme love and affection. He even assisted me in cleaning the house without me asking him,” she told the court.

The woman said that she and her spouse never had an argument and he never shouted at her during their marriage. When she complained about his weight, he actually took on a strict diet and worked out. He even broke his leg because of exercise.

Amazingly, the wife was still not pleased with all these. She constantly complains about the gifts and compliments.

She said that she longs for a day of dispute but it wasn’t possible because her romantic husband was always showering her gifts everyday and forgiving her faults.

She said that she needs a real discussion, even an argument. She doesn’t want this “hassle-free life full of obedience”.

Her poor husband begged the court not to grant the divorce.

“It’s not fair to judge a marriage from the first year, and everybody learns from their mistakes. I am and always wish to be a perfect and kind husband,” he pleaded.

The court decided that the couple needed the chance to settle the dispute on their own and thus ordered an adjournment of the case.


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