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This Man Kept Irritating Random People On The Street. When I Found Out Why, I Felt Guilty!





Everything in the world has its value. We may not see as some may come in insignificant packages, but if we look past the visual, we can clearly decipher the importance of even the littlest things. This is what this man in the video we found was trying to imply.

In the clip below, the man personified the wind by doing all sorts of crazy stuff to strangers. Things as weird as throwing sand on the face and flipping up women’s skirts are just some of the antics this odd-looking man did. Surprisingly, no one ever gave him much attention. Sure, they gave him an irritated glare, but that was it. Not even one cared to impart a word or ask what’s wrong.

But during the end of the video, someone finally offered a seat so they could talk. The odd-looking man said he was surprised and at that moment, he felt as if he mattered and that he was noticed. Like the wind, he looks meaningless to the world but once people start realizing their importance, the world could be a better place with individuals appreciating everything and everyone.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Guillaume Raffi via The San Francisco Globe

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