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Gym Bully Tries To Intimidate Smaller Man, Gets KO’d With One Punch





There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a bully getting what he or she deserves. They say bullies are just insecure individuals who try to make themselves look better by putting other people down.

The truth of the matter is that there are no bullies out there that would dare to intimidate those who are bigger and stronger than them. They normally attack the “smaller” ones. However, it had been noted multiple times that you should never judge a book by its cover, and one bully learned his lesson the hard way.

CCTV footage of a fight between two guys in a gym circulated on social media and quickly went viral. It all happened when the smaller guy accidentally bumped into the bigger man, who happens to be an instructor at the gym. Just like any other bullies, he took this as an opportunity to show off his power.

The gym instructor, who was decked out in all his workout gear including a lifting belt, wrist straps, and gloves did not take kindly to the other man’s clumsiness and angrily confronted him.

The bigger guy clearly wanted to start a fight, probably to teach the other guy a lesson for disrespecting him. The smaller dude, however, wasn’t trying to make a scene at all and was trying to remove himself from the incident.

But the gym instructor was all pumped up to show him who’s boss and slapped the smaller dude hard with his left hand. The guy stumbled back, walked away, and didn’t retaliate.

Thinking his opponent was weak, the bigger guy dragged the issue by grabbing the other man on the back of his neck and trying to slap him again.

Big mistake.

This time, the smaller guy had enough of his power tripping and decided to stand up for himself. He punched him with a brutal left hook that instantly knocked the gym instructor out.

After seeing the video, netizens on Chinese social media showed their support to the smaller guy and made fun of the big gym bully.

Some of the comments read:

“You go to the gym to exercise but you’re useless. What a shame. The kung fu guy knows how to throw a punch all right.”

“If you’re not good enough, don’t try to attack others.”

Watch the video here:

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