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Wild Elephants Wounded By Poison Arrows Seek Out Humans For Help

The elephants traveled across the African landscape to seek help from one safe haven they know: the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Ann Nuñez





It seems like the African wildlife can never really escape from the dangers of poaching.

Despite the valiant efforts of wildlife conservation groups against poaching, animals such as Cecil the Lion and these poor elephants pay the price.

Last month, three wild elephants were attacked by illegal hunters and got poisoned in the process. Although wounded, they were able to escape alive. The elephants traveled across the African landscape to seek help from one safe haven they know: the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Although the elephants were not housed by the center, one of them had been mated with two orphan elephants raised there.

The elephants were attacked by poachers with poisoned arrows.


Despite its injuries, the elephant and its two other friends traveled to the DSWT for help.


Although the elephants’ decision to seek help at the center was surprising, it was not unheard of. Elephants are known to have remarkable spatial reasoning abilities which, in this case, helped the elephants navigate through the African wilderness into the safety of the center.

Upon reaching the center, the elephants were treated, and are now on the road to recovery.


Thank you, DSWT for the noble work you are doing!

If you would like to contribute to DSWT’s cause, you can donate here.


Source: The Dodo, UNILADThe David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Guilty Dog Desperately Begs for Forgiveness in the Cutest Way

This dog has the most desperate yet sweetest attempt to acquire forgiveness from its owner!

Inah Garcia



If there is one animal that feels like it is part of the human race, we have to answer dogs. Aside from solely getting the title "man's best friend," dogs are also human-like in terms of emotions and ability to care and understand. We've seen so many cute dog reactions all over the Internet but we think we found one of the most touching dog-owner videos ever.

A Facebook user named Anthony Federica Granai posted a video featuring a lovely Labrador named Ettore in his account. The dog seems to be at fault and although we are not quite sure what the dog's real mishap was, we think it was grave enough for it to look oh so guilty but adorably pitiful.

In the video, the dog refused to take "no" for an answer so when his owner persisted to resist, it started doing all sorts of clingy stuff in the hopes of being forgiven. The dog looked desperate but cute nonetheless.

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Heroic Dog Spends A Week Watching Over Trapped ‘Best Friend’ Until Help Comes

Carey was so amazed that Tillie stayed beside the ravine, watching Phoebe the whole time she got stuck. She can’t believe that a dog would do that.




A golden retriever named Tillie was caught guarding the basset hound Phoebe for an entire week at a cistern where Phoebe fell. Everyone in town is hailing the dog a hero and calling the two "best friends."

The canine pair was reported to have strayed from their home at Vashon Island in Washington State.

Their owner B.J. Duft told ABC News that the two dogs escaped out the front door that was left open on September 7. It was easy to miss the escape because there was a party in the house that time, and people are going in and out the door.

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Clever Raccoon Discovers The Most Annoying Way To Get Food From Humans

Meet Rocksy, the clever, rock-knocking raccoon.

Grace Alviar Viray



We can always find a raccoon in our backyard waiting for food or a chance to get fed. They may not be domesticated and they are not popular as pets, but these cute creatures are surely clever.

They actually look like masked bandits, and they actually live up to that. They hunt for food wherever and whenever they have a chance. They use their senses to hunt for food and their paws to move things around them. They can even open a garbage can just to scavenge left-over food.

But there's one raccoon that isn't just cute or clever. Rocksy the Raccoon is even demanding! You see, he uses this special weapon and won't stop knocking on Zoosie's window until he gets what he wants.

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