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Wild Elephants Wounded By Poison Arrows Seek Out Humans For Help





It seems like the African wildlife can never really escape from the dangers of poaching.

Despite the valiant efforts of wildlife conservation groups against poaching, animals such as Cecil the Lion and these poor elephants pay the price.

Last month, three wild elephants were attacked by illegal hunters and got poisoned in the process. Although wounded, they were able to escape alive. The elephants traveled across the African landscape to seek help from one safe haven they know: the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Although the elephants were not housed by the center, one of them had been mated with two orphan elephants raised there.

The elephants were attacked by poachers with poisoned arrows.


Despite its injuries, the elephant and its two other friends traveled to the DSWT for help.


Although the elephants’ decision to seek help at the center was surprising, it was not unheard of. Elephants are known to have remarkable spatial reasoning abilities which, in this case, helped the elephants navigate through the African wilderness into the safety of the center.

Upon reaching the center, the elephants were treated, and are now on the road to recovery.


Thank you, DSWT for the noble work you are doing!

If you would like to contribute to DSWT’s cause, you can donate here.


Source: The Dodo, UNILADThe David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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