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CCTV Cam Caught This Elephant Doing Something Amazing That Leaves Everyone SPEECHLESS!





Lots of people have said that elephants are the most emotional and most intelligent animals in the whole world. They are widely renowned as friendly giants because they usually “hug” by wrapping their trunks together to show their greetings and affections.

Aside from having an extraordinary memory, they are also one of the most caring creatures in the entire planet. Ever since we’re young, we’ve been taught to properly dispose our garbage in order to take care of our environment. But admit it, we don’t always do that. We usually tend to take mother nature for granted. Elephants on the other hand, seem to be better at this compared to humans. Take a peek at this hidden CCTV camera to see what I mean.

Watch the amazing CCTV footage:

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I’m so impressed at this smart elephant, he really showed how he truly care for the environment. Something that most humans failed to show. In this video, obviously somebody didn’t properly disposed their trash, but thanks to this concern elephant. He don’t have human hands that can easily pick up trash but that didn’t posed a problem. I definitely love the way he has to use his front leg to push the garbage so his trunk could pick it up.


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