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Expert Explains Why Your Spouse Loves Popping YOUR Pimples

It might be annoying but it could be a sign of true love.


Does your spouse love popping your pimples? It’s kinda annoying, right? Well you can at least take comfort on the fact that you’re not alone! In fact, science has an explanation about it.

Child and family psychotherapist Matt Traube of San Luis Obispo, California was interviewed about the topic and he had some very interesting things to say. According to him, such “body-focused repetitive behaviors” are actually common among couples.

Traube shared:

“For many people, there is a wonderful satisfaction that comes from popping a pimple — it’s almost euphoric.”

As a Fatherly article also tells us, popping pimples help people not only in “relieving the physical pressure of the blockage” but it brings “a pleasant mental effect as well from the release of dopamine, your brain’s happy chemical.”

So is this the reason why videos such as those posted by Dr Sandra Lee (also known in YouTube as Dr Pimple Popper) are quite popular online? That’s a big possibility.

Traube further said there could be many different reasons why a person could be interested in popping a partner’s pimple – one of which can be true love.

He explained:

“As disgusting as it might sound to some, that you would pick your partner’s pimples, that does show a certain closeness, a bond, an attachment between you and your partner.

“If someone is on a first or second date, I don’t think you’re going in for a pimple pop.”

In other ways, it may mean an individual may be merely trying to help improve his or her better half.

“For many, the skin itself can be a metaphor for the person or the relationship,” said Traube, wich means tat te pimple may symbolize an irritation or imperfection, or as the expert puts it, “things that you somehow think that need to be cleaned up, or organized or otherwise taken care of.”

“It’s kind of analogous to finding a solution. You look at it and go, ‘Ew, it doesn’t feel right, it’s on my partner, I need to fix it.’ In some regards, it’s a way to improve your husband,” he added.

Finally, your partner may merely be trying to manage stress.

Traube pointed out:

“When we feel like we have ostensive control, we can find temporary relief from whatever we’re experiencing.”

Watch this video:

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