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Why Leaving A Toxic Relationship Is Okay, Even If They’re Family





There are people who make our lives miserable and toxic. The sad part is, some of these people are family. How do you solve this dilemma? Is it okay to leave a toxic person or relationship, even if the person is a family member?

Of course, a family is important in anyone’s life. The family members are the ones who are supposed to be with you through ups and down, support your life decisions, and know what’s best for you or what will make you happy. However, some people aren’t lucky enough to have this kind of people in their lives.

Here are the reasons why it’s okay to leave a toxic family member or have a little space from them.

Don’t let them control you or your life

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Let’s face it. We hate family members who control us, our decisions, and our actions. Remember, it’s your life and your life alone. They can be there to guide you or give advice on what actions to take, but they should never ever push you around or tell you what you should do.

Many parents do these to their children. They control them until they’re adults, who should be deciding on their own.

Let your kids be, if they’re grown-ups, especially if they have their own family. Stop meddling with their lives and telling them what to do. They have their own lives now, learn to accept it and show your unending love by supporting them.

No, they’re not always right

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Older people, even family members, think they have been through a lot that they know better but this does not always apply. Everyone can make mistakes and age doesn’t guarantee they know everything. Toxic people have the tendency to tell you, “I am right and you’re wrong.”.

In some instances, if we make mistakes or bad decisions, they should be the ones to support us in learning and not doing them again. But toxic family members or people will tell you, “See? I told you so!”. These people will make you feel worse.

You don’t need people to pull you down

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Toxic people – friends or family members would love to see you suffer. If you’re happy and successful, they appear as if it’s nothing but when you’re down, problematic, and depressed, the more they’ll put you down.

If this is exactly the case, it’s okay to distance yourself from them. In the first place, love does not work this way. If they truly care for you, they’ll be there for you during your down moments and be happy for you on your best times.

If you know it’s not your fault, they’re not the victims

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Toxic people tend to play the victim when everything crashes down. Worse, they love to put the blame on you. If you have this kind of toxic relationship, it’s okay to leave.

Relationships with family or friends should be happy, supportive, and positive. If you think you have toxic relationships, talking to them is one good way to solve the issue. But if everything remains the same and nothing ever changes, it’s okay to step away.

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