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15 Habits That Make Unhappy People Feel Even Worse





Happiness is something we all strive to attain. However, sad moments and unfortunate events are impossible to avoid as they are part of our lives as well. The difference between happy and unhappy people is the way they deal with negativity.

Happiness comes in so many different forms that it can be hard to define. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is easy to identify. Unhappy people teach us many things, including how we shouldn’t live our lives. Take a look at these habits of unhappy people.

1. Being negative

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Unhappy people tend to see the glass as half empty. They anticipate trouble.

2. Not focusing on the positives

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Because unhappy people are lost in their bitter memories, they are unable to focus on the good things that do happen to them. Their thoughts are so preoccupied with wrong expectations that it’s impossible for them to have fun and let go.

3. Worrying too much about what people think

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Unhappy people look for happiness in the wrong places. They concentrate on trying to please others to gain approval.

4. Making a huge deal of things

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Everyone experience terrible things but only unhappy people see it as a direct attack.

5. Not moving forward

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Thinking too much about about negative thoughts could lead to stress and depression.

6. Comparing self to others

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Unhappy people take the quote “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” to a whole new level. They always feel that they should par with someone or be better.

7. Not having many friends

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When somebody exudes negativity constantly, it can become a drain for people around them. As a result, miserable and bitter people tend to have fewer friends.

8. Having no goals

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Instead of setting goals, learning, and improving themselves, unhappy people keep plodding along, and then they wonder why things never change.

9. Holding grudges

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Unhappy people find it hard to forgive those who hurt them. They then dwell on the feeling for a very long time.

10. Considering self a victim

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Although bad things happen to everyone, unhappy people see it as a sign that life is picking on them.

11. Sweeping problems under the rug

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Unhappy people are easily threatened by problems and mistakes. Instead of facing them, they hide from them causing the issues to get bigger.

12. Blaming others

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Unhappy people do not take responsibility for their own lives. Instead, they prefer to blame other people or general circumstances for their misery.

13. Being driven by fear

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Unhappy people fill their thoughts with what could go wrong versus what might go right.

14. Never stepping out of comfort zone

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Unhappy people have a habit of not taking risks. When they handed opportunities, they often decline the invite or find excuses not to.

15. Delaying goals and dreams

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Unhappy people are pessimists. They don’t have control over their lives so they don’t set goals thinking that they won’t reach it anyway.

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