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You’ll Know It’s True Love When You And Your Better Half Feel These 3 Things





True love is not something one would feel immediately. There is that so-called sensation of having “butterflies in the stomach” when a person meets someone they are attracted to. Oftentimes, people mistake this for true love but it really isn’t. It’s infatuation, a phase in a relationship that doesn’t last long, experts say. There are those that move past the infatuation stage and begin to bond with each other. This stage is where couples get to know each other on a deeper level and begin to invest more in the relationship. But when infatuation and the bonding stage doesn’t move forward, relationships mostly fail.

So how do you know if you’ve found true love? Elite Daily shares what it feels like to truly feel a strong emotion for your significant other. If you and your partner feel these three things in your relationship, you may have hit a jackpot in love.

#1. Being recognized

When you have someone who’s for keeps, you don’t need to demand attention. You are willing to give each other time and space-time to listen to your ramblings or worries and space where you can intimately discuss important things.

At times, life gets in the way of you two being able to feel each other’s presence. It could be something holding you up in school or your job at the office, but if you understand each other’s value, there’s nothing that could stop you from making your presence felt. No matter what life demands from you, you’ll always find time to see and be with your partner.

#2. The feeling of being safe

Whether emotionally or physically, true love should make you feel safe. You need to acknowledge the things you need to feel secure around someone and once that person meets those needs, you have a keeper. Being safe around a person also means there is mutual respect for boundaries. Both should understand that these boundaries should not be crossed; at the same time, you should never ask your partner to cross his own boundaries in your favor.

#3. Stability

True love means trusting someone not to abandon you. If you know so well that your partner will never leave you or fool around with other people, you may have scored a treasure. True love is not built on suspicion and is also not possessive. You can be at ease when he or she tells you he/she is out with friends. If you do feel a little jealous or even if there’s a fight, you won’t need to worry about breaking up because you know you can always fix it.

Have you found your true love? Do you feel these things around your significant other?

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