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15 Weird Jobs That Actually Exist





Making a living is no joke. For some (if not most) people, survival means working several jobs at a time, no matter how odd. It could be waiting tables, cleaning toilets, dog-sitting, or something odder.

Many bizarre jobs exist around the world. They may seem strange, but believe us, they need to be done. Below, we list just a few.

1. Iceberg Mover

After the tragic sinking of the Titanic, the International Ice Patrol was set up to make sure icebergs park at the right places around the North Atlantic Ocean. The job involves moving icebergs that might get in the way of ships and oil rigs. Qualifying for the job may require joining the Coast Guard, and the pay reportedly starts at around $20,000 annually.

2. Bicycle Fisher

Source: Sean McClean

In Amsterdam, the bicycle is a main mode of transportation. Every day, bikes could fall into one of the city’s 165 canals. This is why Amsterdam’s water authority employs bicycle fishers to retrieve the fallen vehicles. About 12,000 to 15,000 rusty two-wheelers are reportedly fished out per year.

3. Chicken Sexer

Source: KAGFreiland

Chicken sexers are hired to find out the genders of chicks, which, apparently, is no easy feat. To find out a chick’s gender, the person must squeeze the animal until it ‘relieves itself,’ which will give a clear view of where the waste comes from. Pay is estimated up to $61,300 per year.

4. Passenger Pusher

In crowded cities like Tokyo and Shanghai, professional people pushers are hired to stuff as many passengers as possible into train carriages during rush hour. The job is also necessary in some parts of Canada and the United States, and the pay per hour is estimated at more or less $24.

5. Odor Sniffer

Source: Jwev

Odor sniffers help in developing a wide range of products, like deodorants, nail varnish, perfumes, and more. These highly skilled sniffers provide their expertise to determine the best smell for products, and they can make anywhere between $19,000 and $52,000 per year.

6. Electric Shock Giver

In Mexico, people known as ‘toques’ administer electric shocks on the streets and get paid between $2 to $4 a pop. They’re usually seen around bars and clubs with their electric shock boxes because partygoers believe the shock can either sober them up or heighten their buzz.

7. Professional Cuddler

Professional cuddlers can be found in Japan, and now in the US. Cuddle establishments employ professional cuddlers to snuggle with, talk to, and sleep next to their clients. Doing so is believed to relieve stress and anxiety.

8. Mourner for Hire

Source: ALAMY

In Africa, China, and the Middle East, men and women are paid to weep during funerals. This is part of an ancient practice that aims to create a more mournful ambience. In the UK, mourners are hired to fill up seats. Professional mourners are reportedly paid $68 per wake.

9. Car Sitter

Source: OSX

In Costa Rica, car sitters are necessary if you want to make sure your car doesn’t get stolen. The ‘cuidacarros’ are paid upon the car owner’s return, usually between $1 to $10.

10. Panda Handler

Being a panda handler in China seems like a dream job. They get to feed, hug, and carry around the adorable creatures. But panda handlers are also tasked with helping the bears mate. And knowing how lazy pandas can be, handlers have reportedly resorted to using adult flicks and Viagra.

11. Elephant Dresser

Source: Ranjithsiji

In countries like India, Sri Lanka, and South Korea, elephants are employed outside zoos and circuses. There are individuals paid to dress up the elephants with colorful costumes for special events like parades and religious festivals.

12. Foot Sex Worker

Source: Larali21

People with foot fetish hire these workers who allow them to play with their feet. Clients pay hundreds of dollars per hour just to have their rather strange fantasies fulfilled.

13. Fish Counter

Source: Ronincmc

These professionals count fish in certain areas to help the commercial fishing industry and regulators. Their counting will help determine if there’s enough fish to go around an area. The pay is reportedly above $15 an hour.

14. Ear Cleaner

Source: A Vahanvati

In India, there are professionals hired solely to clean ears. It’s a practice that has been passed down for generations. Ear cleaners work on the streets and clean people’s ears with a cotton covered needle and a pair of pincers.

15. Professional Bridesmaids

Source: Perin

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and reliable bridesmaids are a great help. There are companies that have bridesmaids for hire. They are commissioned by both brides and the brides’ friends to make sure the big day goes smoothly. Professional bridesmaids are reportedly paid anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per wedding.

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