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Ingenious Water Wheel Pump Gets The Job Done – Even Without Electricity





I recently stumbled upon this innovative water wheel pump and it definitely impressed me beyond measure.

This one allows you to move water easily without requiring the use of electricity. So the next time you need to pump some water, you really don’t have to reach for your extension cord anymore.

The video below shows us the pump in motion but I have to warn you – be careful not to jump into conclusions, dismissing it as ineffective. Besides, you’ll see slow water movement and water blasts. Again, you have to note that this one doesn’t utilize any electricity so pay close attention to what it really does.

This non-electric water wheel pump saves you money and is nature-friendly at the same time.

non-electric-water-wheel-pump 1

Photo credit: Milan Vitéz

In proper perspective, it’s truly amazing how this pump gets the job done. You get to save on your electric bill and, best of all, it’s absolutely eco-friendly.

The pump takes advantage of the steady stream of water and the spinning wheel does most of the work. Water is collected into the tubing and then lifted higher than the outlet pipe. The 6-ft diameter wheel has the capability to pump about 3,900 gallons of water per day so it’s really quite powerful.

You can watch the wheel water pump in action here:

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After doing a bit of research, I discovered this invention isn’t exactly new since it was initially created way back 1976. It has since been developed and then tested at Windfarm Museum, using cheap, lightweight materials.

The water wheel pump’s video has captured the attention of many viewers on YouTube.

non-electric-water-wheel-pump 2

Photo credit: Milan Vitéz

As far as view count is concerned, it is worth-noting that the video has attracted 3,973,987 views already. Sure, the 2-minute clip was first published 4 years ago but reaching almost 4 million views is no joke. It’s also been picked up by various online news sites and so the video continues to gain new audiences to this day.


H/T: Wonderful Engineering

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