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No More Floods! This Thirsty Concrete Absorbs 4,000 Litres of Water A Minute





If you live in an area where strong rains and storms are common, then you obviously know how extremely inconvenient it is when you have to walk outside in the rain. The outfit you painstakingly prepared gets wet and ruined, and what’s more annoying is the splash of rain puddles on your jeans or trousers. In some urban areas, strong rains also mean floods, which makes the daily commute even more hellish.

But worry no more, for this latest development in concrete technology might hold the key to solving all our rain-related woes, for it is able to suck up gallons of water in around a minute.

Topmix Permeable concrete is designed to absorb up to 880 gallons of water in around a minute.


Photo credit: Tarmac

Designed by the company Tarmac, Topmix Permeable concrete is designed to absorb water rather than letting it sit on top of the concrete layer. The rainwater seeping into the concrete will then be passed into ground underneath it. Not only can this help reduce surface water flooding and accidents due to puddles during rains, it can also help decrease surface temperatures during warmer days.

The system is able to absorb the water through a drainage system underneath the Topmix Permeable layer.


Photo credit: Tarmac
This brilliant technology is extremely useful in preventing floods and accidents due to rain puddles.


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Brilliant as it is, this type of concrete also has a flaw. During winter, the water it has absorbed and transferred to the ground underneath may freeze, which then leads to possible cracks and damages in the surface. Nevertheless, this brilliant invention is extremely helpful during the rainy season.

Watch how Topmix Permeable concrete works in the video below:

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