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Watch This Touching Video: How a Dog is Looking Forward in Finally Meeting Santa Claus!





Dogs are wonderful pets in our home; they are so sweet and clever. Dogs have feelings too that is why we treat them as one of our best friends. In this video you will see how he patiently waits for Santa Claus.

Just like little boys and girls, this dog has a Christmas wish too. He also believes that he must be a good boy this year to be able to have a present from Santa! Guess what, he really is a nice dog!

In time for Christmas, his house is visibly beautiful decorated with Christmas lights just like our homes. You will see that he has an aspiration to meet Santa. His determination made him exert an extra effort particularly, waiting for Santa until late at night. This cute dog also prepared cookies and milk for Santa just as how we get ready for our guests. Like little kids, he fell asleep eventually in the middle of the night and failed to meet him.

When Santa arrived to bring his Christmas present, this cute dog is already sound asleep! The good thing is Santa got a cookie from his plate, as a sign that he noticed the effort. Santa left a wonderful Christmas gift, a big bone for a great dog!

This is a short and touching video, it also reminds us that young or old people, person or pets have great and little dreams and goals in life and we have to work hard, in order to achieve it. Not just for one day but every day. At the end of the day, all those efforts will pay off and those dreams will become a reality.

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