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Watch a Predator Experiment on Chatroulette and See Their Reactions Once They Got Busted!





Web chat has been there for quite some time and many people are being addicted to this.

Video chats are now more popular especially to the younger generation as they meet and see their chat mates virtually.

The danger here is when people use this technology to take advantage of young boys and girls.

Since web cam videos and internet are very much accessible to almost all people and ages, predators can easily look for victims.

A social experiment was created to see the reactions of predators online once they are caught red handed!

A social experiment was created to see the reactions of predators online once they are caught red handed!

An actress as part of the social experiment will log in at ChatRoulette, this is an online chat website wherein random people from around the world will be able to connect and chat with her. This site allows strangers to interact by chatting and using webcam at the same time. Some people go here to find a dating partner while others are looking for someone they can victimize or lure to show off their bodies.

An experiment was done by Joey Salads to catch some of these predators that preys on girls. A girl has an ongoing video chat with different strangers and right before things get hotter, two guys including Joey will jump out and expose what’s going on.

A lot of the guys who were chatting with the girl wanted to see more of the girl’s body. In fact, they don’t even get to know her or even talk to her about other things; they would directly talk to her about how hot she is and would ask her to show her body. Some of them even removed their shirt off just to make the girl do the same.

Watch Online Predator Social Experiment Here:

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This social experiment shows that there are a lot of people out there who wants to take advantage of social media to get to girls and see their bodies. People especially young girls need to be smart about this by avoiding chats and conversation with strangers online, social media or anywhere else.

Young girls might be easily lured by child predators instantly as they can be deceiving or pretentious, engaging with this kind of activity is very dangerous.

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