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Wanted Man Turns Himself In After He Loses In A Facebook Dare With A Police





Social media already has an established name on communication and information dissemination, but apparently, its ability is not limited to just keeping people from different parts of the world connected. It appears that it is also an effective tool to catch criminals.

In a very odd scenario, a wanted man from Michigan voluntarily turned himself in after losing to a police on a Facebook challenge he came up with. He agreed to surrender himself if the police’s Facebook post about him reaches 1,000 shares. Moreover, he promised to appear at the police station with a box of doughnut if he loses to them.

Wanted Michael Martin Zaydel dared the Redford Township Police Department into a dare to make him surrender.

Source: facebook
The police quickly accepted the challenge and posted the notice on their Facebook page.

Source: facebook

Charges against Michael Martin Zaydel were not mentioned, but he is reportedly wanted by police authorities for several outstanding warrants. Instead of turning himself immediately, the 21-year-old came up with a gimmick and dared the Redford Township Police Department last October 6 that he will walk into their office if they make a Facebook notice about him reach a thousand shares. Furthermore, he vowed to do voluntary community service to make up for charges pressed against him.

Unfortunately, the police were up for the challenge and posted his photos on their department’s Facebook page as he mentioned in his conditions. Ten days after taking the Facebook dare, the police department announced last Monday evening that Michael Zaydel finally turned himself in. He was good at keeping his word and came in with a box of doughnut for the officers. The representative of the department said:

“This evening at approximately 6:30 pm Michael Zaydel made good on his promise to turn himself into RTPD for his outstanding warrants.
He walked in on his own, and not only did he bring the donuts, he brought one bagel! We would again like to express our gratitude for the support of all who followed this, shared it, and left us positive feedback.”

The Redford Township Police Department was actually surprised when suspect Michael Zaydel kept his word.

Source: facebook
The post about Michael reached way over a thousand shares so he surrendered himself.

Source: facebook
Of course, he brought the doughnuts he promised.

Source: facebook
He was in custody earlier this week for charges that were not mentioned by the police department.

Source: facebook
The following day, he already went to court for his case hearing.

Source: facebook

Many concerned and curious netizens helped spread the word about Michael that it even reached 4,400 shares as of Tuesday. As for the wanted man, he already appeared for his case hearing at the 17th District Court.

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