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Her Curious Boss Secretly Followed Her One Day. He Never Expected Where She Went!





We encounter several people each day – in school, at work, or at home. We chat with them, eat lunch with them, or maybe even watch movies with them after work. But do we really know these people? Are we aware of what they are going through in life?

A brand of lingerie created this heart-warming video, which is part of a series of short films entitled “My Beautiful Woman.” The video is based on a true story, and features a diligent woman and the challenges that she faces. She is always the first person to arrive at the office and the last person to leave. This hard work earned her Fridays off from work. Then one day, she failed to come to the office, and it was not a Friday. For several days, she was not able to come to work and was beyond reach. That was when her boss decided to find out what has been keeping her busy. What he found out definitely astonished him.

Watch the heart-warming video:

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We can never judge another person based on how they look or based on what little we know about them. Because you’ll never know, maybe beneath that shell, you’ll find a kind heart and a beautiful soul that has encountered numerous struggles and has survived it all.

H/T: Wacoal Thailand via SF Globe

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