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Little Girl Plays With Her Massive Pet Snake





Growing up with pets is a good thing for children. It teaches them the value of friendship, compassion and sensitivity. Dog and cats are the most common domesticated animals found in the household, but sometimes, some families just won’t settle with the conventional. They want to go the extra mile and unfollow the norm for whatever reason.

Take for example this family who has a python for a pet. Yes, a python. That big, scary snake. What’s more interesting is that they let their three-year-old girl play with it like it is not a dangerous reptile.

In this video we found, the toddler plays with the snake, giving her little toy a ride on the snake’s back, like a horsey or something. The snake then lifted its body and went close to the girl’s head. Eventually the snake reached the girl’s shoulders then the child, in turn, gave the snake a hugging gesture.

It is just unbelievable. Watch the video here:

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Pythons are non-venomous snakes found in Asia, Africa and Australia. The species are commonly compared to boas as both are constrictors. However, these two species belong to different families.

Pythons forage on different food, depending on their size. For the smaller types, they eat rodents, small birds or lizards. The bigger one eat monkeys, antelopes and even pigs.

Do you think it is ok for children to grow up with animals such as a python? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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