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Performer Bitten By Cobra Onstage Kept Singing, Finishes Her Show Before Dying





An Indonesian performer has taken the old adage “The show must go on” a little too further and ultimately paid with her life.

Irma Bule, a 29-year-old Indonesian singer, was bitten by a cobra during her performance in West Java. Bule, who was known for pulling stunts such as interacting with snakes  while singing, accidentally stepped on the cobra used for her performance, which led to it biting her on her thigh. Unfortunately, the cobra was not defanged. Despite the accident, Irma still continued singing her song, even refusing the anti-venom offered by the snake handler.

Forty-five minutes after being bitten, Irma started vomiting and began having seizures, which ultimately led to her death.

Watch the video report below and see for yourself:

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According to Tulala Snake Research Center Lydia Apririasari, although dancing with snakes is extremely dangerous, it is a common practice in villages in Indonesia.

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