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Breathtaking Video Shows a Baby’s 9 Months of Life in 4 Minutes!

Ever wondered what babies really look like as they’re developing in the womb?

Ah, the miracle of life. At one point, all humans on earth were just two separate cells inside two separate people. And with the help of romance or sometimes even happenstance, a fully formed human is formed.

We all know that we all come from a sperm cell fertilizing an egg cell, and then 9 months later, we’re pushed out of our mother’s body. But what goes on in the 9 months we’re in there? What did we look like? What did we do? Did we just sleep all day? Were we able to see and hear and feel and think?

How does a baby go from two separate cells to a fully-formed human?

How does a baby go from two separate cells to a fully-formed human?

In this video, you’ll be able to see the miracle of life in 3D. It starts off from the point of view of sperm cells looking for the egg. And then one lucky swimmer successfully fertilizes the egg cell, which then blocks off all the other sperm cells. The fertilized egg then travels through the Fallopian tube towards to uterus where it attaches itself as it forms into a blastocyst.

By the fourth week, the blastocyst develops into an embryo. At this point,the woman will be able to detect the pregnancy via a pregnancy test. Then by the fifth week, the embryo starts to look like a tiny tadpole with a beating heart.

Gradually, the embryo’s limbs start to form and he/she will start to form a face. Keep in mind that at this point, the baby is still the size of a jelly bean, but by the 10th week, the baby will then be officially called a fetus.

By the 16th week, the mother might start to feel the baby moving around or kicking. During this time, the baby might be able to smile, yawn, hiccup, too!

By the 20th week, the gender of the baby can be determined via an ultrasound. At this point, the pregnancy is halfway done, and the fetus still has a lot of growing to do!

By the 25th week, the baby will now learn to do finer movements like wiggling their toes and feet. The baby will also be finished forming their organs for hearing, and this is when they can start to hear and recognize their mother’s voice.

By the 30th week, the baby’s bones will start to harden. Gradually, the fetus will start to look more and more like a baby. By the 33rd week, the baby will continue to grow, gaining nearly a half pound each week until birth.

In the next week, the baby will start to move his head downwards in preparation for the birth. By the 37th week, all fetal development is complete, and it’s just a matter of waiting for the baby to come out and meet the world!

Watch the video here:

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Russia’s Psychic Cat Achilles Correctly Predicts World Cup Opening Game Winner

But can he predict the 2018 FIFA World Cup champion?

The new Nostradamus might be an adorable furry critter. A sweet Russian cat has been chosen to predict the outcome of the first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It may seem hard to believe but the feline was spot on with his prediction.

Achilles is already a modern day prophet. After all, the cat correctly predicted most of the results in last year's Confederate Cup in Russia. Nevertheless, people wondered if the adorable feline will manage to prophesy what would happen in this year's World Cup opening game. Achilles had to choose between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and managed to predict the motherland's stunning victory.

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Dog Interrupts MLB Baseball Game, Gets Rewarded With A Ball And A New Friend

The pooch thought the baseball team was trying to play fetch with her!

One lucky dog had a truly awesome day at the park. A young German Shepherd got to watch a Minor League Baseball game with her owner. In addition to that, the pooch got to play a game of fetch and made a new friend. She also went home with a ball and won the hearts of many fans.

The MLB team Tulsa Drillers recently had a Bark at the Park Night when they went up against the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. The event allows fans to bring their dogs to the field while the NWA infielders were warming up. One pooch noticed that the players were throwing a ball around. The excited German Shepherd immediately broke away from her owner and dashed to join the baseball players.

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Artist Shares Emotional Comic About Finding Your Childhood Bully After Many Years

This is how bullying can haunt your life for years and years to come…

If you’ve ever been bullied as a child, you know the effects can stay with you for a long time. Harsh words and deeds can really scar the soul and there’s always the possibility that you’ll never forget the bad experience way into your adult years.

This is exactly what Meghan Lands has been through and she accurately captured how it feels like in a short comic. Now an artist, Meghan has “spent the last 20 years trying to forget her first 10.”

Despite that, the Canada-based illustrator recently took the time to look for her bully on Facebook and it made her realize and remember many things. Needless to say, it has been an emotional rollercoaster for her.

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