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Guy Pranks Gorgeous Girlfriend With Vibrating Panties Inside Walmart





YouTube prankster Ryan Hamilton of HammyTV is back with another round of vibrating panties prank on his girlfriend. For those who don’t remember or have no clue what this guy had done, Hamilton had posted a viral video of his girlfriend putting on a vibrating underwear and forgetting to take it off while they were on the way to dinner with his mom.

The video was embarrassing and made some people cringe, especially since the woman had an orgasm beside her boyfriend’s mom. Still, Hamilton decided to do it again and put a little bit of twist. This time, it has become a challenge for his girlfriend. They purposely put on the vibrating panties and went to Walmart. The real challenge is that Ryan’s babe should not have a “reaction” just like in the previous video.

This couple is back to do the vibrating panties prank.

Source: HammyTV
Only this time it’s more of a challenge.

Source: HammyTV
Ryan’s girlfriend needs to put the vibrating underwear on and endure the buzzes while in Walmart.

Source: HammyTV

So far, she’s been doing great, unlike the first part. Those who have watched the previous prank can remember the woman’s reaction to the endless buzzing.

The mom had to be the one to press the button in the previous prank.

Source: HammyTV
This time, though, Ryan’s girlfriend even managed to talk to a Walmart staff…

Source: HammyTV
And hang around a bit with this elderly customer.

Source: HammyTV

Now the question is, did Ryan’s girl make it through the challenge without having an orgasm?

Watch the video below:

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In case you’re curious, yes, you can even buy one of those vibrating panties yourself below.

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