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Pretty Girl Orgasms in Front of Mom As Boyfriend’s Vibrating Panties Prank Goes Wrong

…and she’s totally cool about it!

As far as pranks go, this one has got to be one of the embarrassing that I’ve seen in a while. Dude goes inside his girl’s house and gives her a naughty gift – a pair of vibrating panties.

“What the hell?” she asked. She later inspects the weird-looking panties which has a really loud buzz and equipped with a remote control that looks like a small phone. But she was cool enough to go along with the prank. She wears the panties and gives him free reign on the remote control.

After putting a camera on the car’s dash, they drive over to his Mom’s house to take her out to dinner. After picking Mom up, they drive to the restaurant and this is where things start to get totally funny.

With girlfriend on the wheel and Mom on the passenger side, he pushes buttons on the remote, eliciting electric-like shocks and giggles from the driver. Mom, who has no idea what’s going down, keeps on asking what’s happening.

“Has she been drinking already? Are you all right?!?”

Eventually the couple had to come clean and told Mom about the vibrating panties. Good thing she’s totally cool about the whole thing!

Watch the video to see how the whole thing went down:

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In case you’re curious, yes, you can even buy one of those vibrating panties yourself!


15 People Who Failed To Fight the Urge

“Girl, Ima have to call you back!”

Opportunity, as they say, only knocks once. So when it does finally knock, you just got to grab it, right? Well if you’ll ask the people below, they’d definitely answer a loud “yes”! The funny photos we’ve compiled here will show you people who stumbled upon the perfect opportunity and totally made sure they didn’t miss their chance!

From a girl staring at a guy’s abs to a dad who couldn’t help but reference an old Michael Jackson song when he spots a Smooth Caramel jar, and everything else in between - these are 15 hilarious people who failed to fight the urge and we love them for it!

#1. She just had to do the pose. She just had to!


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16 Photos of Dads Who Would Do Anything for Their Daughters

We salute all the dads out there who have had to attend tea parties with stuffed animals while wearing tons of makeup.

Most men would shy away from doing anything too girly, even for the sake of their wives or girlfriends. Wives and girlfriends would be hard-pressed to get their husbands to do their hair and makeup, to pick out dresses for them, or to even wear dresses themselves. Guys are usually adamant about being as manly as possible. That is, until another lady comes along.

When a guy becomes a dad to a little girl, they find it a lot more difficult to refuse the things she wants. Besides, all their little princess has to do is pout and say please, and the dad would pretty much do anything. And we mean anything!

Check out all these awesome dads who went along with what their little girl wants, just to see them happy....

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17 Hilarious Posts About Valentine’s Day All Single People Will Definitely Relate To

#6 and #13 had me ROFLMAO!


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so expect a barrage of sweet posts and tweets on social media. Sure, it's such a fun and romantic occasion for love birds, with all those candle-lit dinners, bouquets of flowers, surprise gifts, and renewed love vows. Oh, those saccharine moments with a significant other are such unforgettable ones.

Yeah, yeah, you have a date on February 14, we get it. So sweet. Have fun while we, single people, can go eat a tub of chocolate ice cream all by ourselves while watching sappy movies. No need to rub salt in a fresh, bleeding wound.

Since single people might not be expecting romantic gifts, we'll try to do that part this early. So to all the single people out there whose February 14 appointment calendar is as immaculate as a newly painted white wall, here is a collection of funny posts that you surely will be able to relate to:

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