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Venezuala’s Currency Is Almost Worthless People Are Weaving Bank Notes Into Baskets





Following Venezuela’s economic crisis, the nation’s currency has lost its value that bank notes are often seen scattered on the streets. For some, it has been turned into materials that they can weave into baskets that are more profitable.

Because the bills are no longer of value, a street seller has found a new use for it. Twenty-five-year-old Wilmer Rojas has used the bank notes and turned them into handbags, purses, baskets, and hats styled in creative origamis.

This purse is made from real Venezuelan Bolivar bills.

You know what they say, "one man's trash…"

"Is another man's treasure."

Rojas, who is a father of three, said:

“People throw them away because they are no good to buy anything. No one even accepts them anymore.”

But of all the materials that could be used to make these goods, such as sheets from magazines or newspaper pulp, Rojas said the Bolivar bills are a much better choice because they are no longer worth something. On top of that, they already have a uniform size and he doesn’t need to spend time cutting to the right sizes.

“These things are no good for buying anything. At least I am putting them to good use rather than throwing them away.”

So how worthless is the Venezuelan currency these days?

According to Rojas, one can no longer buy a piece of candy with a two, five or even 10 bolivar notes. But Rojas’ creations is worth more than the bill itself. Some of the products can sell for 300,000 bolivars, which would be enough to buy one kilo of meat.

Meanwhile, Rojas isn’t the only one who’s found another use for the worthless bolivar notes. A 26-year-old artist makes money by drawing on the bills, a creation dubbed as “money art.”

Jose Leon has a different take on repurposing the bolivar notes.

Leon draws famous characters on the bills.

For each piece of money art, Leon can get $20.

His customers are often tourists who want to make his money art as souvenirs.

Leon earns more cash this way.

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