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Submerged Cross in Venezuela Has an Amazing Story

Travelers have always seen this cross above the waters but the shocking story revealed about what it truly is and where it’s from is magnificent.

Kathrina Ysabel Pineda





What we often see on the surface is not even close to half of the whole. There is always something more when we dig in deeper and trace back the history the things we see. It is just amazing to find out the story behind things we find fascinating that in the end leaves us even more in awe.

Between 1985 to 2008, people traveling by boat in Táchira, Venezuela along the lake formed by the Uribante Reservoir would see a lone cross crookedly afloat that would spark one’s curiosity. The mildewed cross seemed to be attached to a foundation anchoring it.

In 2008, the cross seemed to become more uncovered and rose above the waters and revealed that it is settled on a gothic structure that still goes a long way underwater.

Source: Juan Tello

Back then, the town of Potosi, which had approximately 1,200 residents and was 7.7 square miles, was intentionally flooded by the Venezuelan government in 1985 to build a hydroelectric dam. All the people were asked to evacuate the said town — their homes and the single Church in there were abandoned and submerged under the waters of the Uribante Reservoir.

Source: ON SUGAR

The structure was, however, not really rising above the water, instead the waters were receding due to the high temperature.

By 2010, the water of the lake for decades almost completely diminished and the towering church was nearly fully ascended. It all happened due to El Niño — severe droughts and water shortages in Venezuela have resulted in the effective draining of the reservoir, revealing it once again.


For years that the steeple of the church remained above the surface of the water it has been a remarkable and powerful symbol for some. It stood proudly above the waters marking the town that once existed in the place.

The far and large stretch of the sunken land has once again resurfaced. The church that stood 85 feet, though some parts of it were worn away by the erosion and being underwater, has still has its facade intact.


The town way back.

The town way back.

Potosi street

Potosi street

A photo of the church before the flood.


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