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15 Useful Body Hacks You Can Apply in Your Daily Life

They’ll improve the way you do things…


Do you know your body is one of the greatest working mechanisms on this earth?

Its a wonder of systems, networks, and complex structures that work hand-in-hand together to create a superior living being.

Just like any other mechanism, you can actually tweak your body to do better, perform better, and simplify its functions to help you feel great and improve your mood.

Here are 15 body hacks for your body you can start doing immediately:

#1. Scratch Your Ear to Stop a Sore Throat

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A sore throat usually starts with a tickle. You can prevent the annoying tickle from progressing into an all-out sore throat by manipulating the nerves in your ear that cause those throat muscles to spasm in the first place. Scratch your ears to get rid of the tickle immediately.

#2. Use Your Right Ear to Hear Better

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If you want to make sure you understand what’s being said loud and clear, turn your right ear to the source of the sound to hear more clearly. Your right ear is directly connected to that part of the brain that identifies speech, musical notes, and tones. Make sure you get optimal auditory processing by using your right ear.

#3. Cough Just Before Getting a Shot

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Source: Soda Head

A lot of people fear the needle. Not only because of the resultant prick, but also because of the anticipation of pain. One trick to lessen that pain is to cough just before the sharp metal point enters your skin. Research has shown coughing increases blood pressure, which lessens the spinal cord’s ability to transmit pain. So cough that injection away.

#4. Your Tongue and Eyebrows Hold the Secret to Unclogging Your Nose

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Source: Healthline

Cryptic, but true. If you’re suffering from a clogged nose due to a cold or seasonal allergies, alternately press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and press a finger between your brows. Doing so stimulates the vomer bone running through your nasal passage. After 20 seconds of this, your stuffy nose will be able to breathe better.

#5. Lie on Your Left Side to Prevent Heartburn

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Source: Web MD

If you’ve eaten too much just before bed, avoid the dreaded acid reflux by lying down on your left side. This position places your esophagus way above your stomach and prevents acid from flooding into your laryngx. Of course, it would be a better idea not to eat two to three hours before bed to avoid heartburn altogether.

#6. Ditch a Toothache By Rubbing an Ice Cube with Two Fingers and a Palm

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Source: MD Health

Improbable, but true. If you’re plagued by a toothache, one temporary method for relieving the pain is to rub an ice cube held by your thumb and index finger right on the palm of your hand. Numbing the nerves on these small body parts will cut your pain in half, guaranteed.

#7. Stop a Nosebleed With Your Gums

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The best way to stop that gusher is to take a piece of cotton ball and hold it on your upper gums, just behind your philtrum – that indent over your upper lip. It works like a tourniquet, blocking the artery that causes nosebleeds. If the bleeding doesn’t stop within five to 10 minutes, then it might stem from a more serious cause, and you should head to the hospital straightaway.


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