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Man Flips Glass Aquarium Upside Down, Now Watch What Will Happen To The Fish!

Believe it or not, the fish loved it!

Inah Garcia





For animal lovers who have allergies to fur and dust, owning a dog or cat is not an option. Having an aquarium with a wide array of suitable fish becomes the only option sometimes.

Owning an aquarium can be relaxing and soothing, but sometimes, the vibe becomes all too relaxed that it becomes boring already. You see, there is nothing much to do. You just look at the fish swimming back and forth, hide in the miniature corals then pop again. Bottom line is, having an aquarium, even if filled with colorful fish, may be bland.

While it may seem like there is nothing one can do, a German national comes up with a way to make things interesting. In his YouTube account, he posted a video of his so-called “lookout tower,” which is a vertical (yes, vertical) aquarium. The DIY fish tank, measuring one centimeter thick, was smacked right in the heart of his garden pond, where numerous koi fish stay.

Would you look at that beauty…

Man Creates An Upside Down Aquarium That the Fish Loved!

Source: TCHelmut

About 20 koi swim in the tower, with some trying to reach the very top of the tank. Some fish may be having a grand time looking at the view because it stay there for hours sometimes.

Other people call this wonder “bottomless aquarium,” while others call it “antigravity aquarium”. The term ‘bottomless” is perfectly fitting because the bottom of the tank is wide open so the fish can opt to go down whenever it feel like going back to the normal setup.

Watch the video here:

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That is one clever idea! We would like to have that too because it sure is a good way to brighten up a gloomy day. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Source: TCHelmut  via Little Things

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Sara Martinez



Want to know something positively disgusting? The average person sweats out about 1/2 a pint of perspiration each and every night.

Seeing as how we spend almost 1/3 of our entire life lying on a mattress - one would think it would stand alone atop of our list of regular cleaning duties.. but lets face it, we rarely think about cleaning the mattress.

Mattresses can harbor spills, stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and worse - so, maintaining a clean mattress is important for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that your partially clothed body is lying on top of it with only a sheet separating you.

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Learn How to Build a Self-Feeding Campfire That Will Burn for 14 Hours Straight

The self-feeding fire setup puts an end to staying up to keep the campfire burning all through the night.

Faye Williams



Camping is one of the best outdoor activities you can experience, but it has its challenges. One of the most labor-intensive camping tasks is keeping your campfire going all through the night. Fire is necessary to keep your campsite warm. The blaze also drives away any animals who may want to get to your food and other supplies.

Often, though, campers stay up all night to make sure that the fire doesn't die. It's a bummer to have to constantly feed the campfire with logs when you already want to get some sleep. Then again, the thought of waking up in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning because you're freezing is even more painful.

This is the setup for the self-feeding campfire.


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If You Have A Broken Zipper, You Can Easily Fix it Using A Pair Of Scissors!

Broken Zipper is not a problem at all. See how it is done, like a walk in the park.

Kris Evangelista



A broken zipper may tell you that you need a new dress, pants or whatever it is that have a busted zipper but before giving a death sentence to your clothing; consider fixing the zipper first. It may be difficult to make the zipper work again but knowing the right steps will save your favorite stuff.

You may bring it to a seamstress and put out some cash just to save your possession or you may do it yourself.

Here are some reminders to follow before fixing your zippers with a scissor.

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