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He Found an Unknown Baby Animal on the Sidewalk; What He Did to It was Remarkable

This is definitely a one of a kind story.


About three years ago, a person named Jeff Long was walking around somewhere in his home state of Florida when he found something on the sidewalk that would change his life forever.

Out of nowhere, Jeff found a newborn flying squirrel, which appeared to be clinging to its dear life under the hot Florida weather. He felt the sudden urge to pick up the tiny creature to help it but he knew that the odds of the little thing to survive is pretty slim.

Nevertheless, he brought the little critter home and against all odds it survived. Now that the adorable little flying squirrel is alive and well, Jeff made it a part of his family and even named the tiny thing, Biscuits.

It took three months for Biscuits to fully recover from the pain it had been through and now, the two are completely inseparable.

Now, check out the two of them in the series of photographs from Jeff’s social media account.

Who would have thought this little creature would survive? Amazing!

flying squirrel

Jeff has really done a wonderful job raising Biscuits and treating it like family.

flying squirrel13

He takes it everywhere he goes…

flying squirrel12

It makes people wonder if Jeff is having a hard time finding dates.

flying squirrel11

He shouldn’t be. Biscuits is incredibly cute.

flying squirrel10

The story of Jeff and Biscuits is something people won’t believe would happen in real life.

flying squirrel9

You would think this kind of thing only happens in the movies.

flying squirrel8

Jeff’s pet dog finds Biscuits adorable too.

flying squirrel7


flying squirrel6

flying squirrel5

Quick selfie

flying squirrel4

Their story has already captured the hearts of so many people. Jeff is such an amazing person with a big heart.

flying squirrel3


flying squirrel2


flying squirrel1



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