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Twitter Users Mock People Bragging About Not Watching ‘Game Of Thrones’





It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV shows in history. The premiere episode of Season 8 alone reportedly drew in 17.4 million viewers, which may have been higher considering that people had viewing parties or simply pirated the entire thing. Either way, the series is a popular thing.

However, there are a chosen few who haven’t taken an interest in Game of Thrones. Which is fine because to each their own, right? Unfortunately, most of these people like to brag about not seeing a single episode of the fantasy show. Not surprisingly, Game of Thrones fans aren’t taking it lightly and have started mocking these braggarts on Twitter.

The 1% Who Have No Idea What They’re Missing

It’s probably more than just 1% but at least those other people don’t keep telling people they haven’t watched the show.

Seriously, It Doesn’t
Nobody. None. Nada. Zilch.
Even Queen Bey probably watches the show.
It doesn’t make you special.
Why do they feel the need to tell everyone they don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’, anyway?

Let’s face it: Game of Thrones might not really be for everyone. It’s definitely not for children (you know why) and it can be complicated for those who haven’t been following the story from the start. However, the constant declaration of pointedly avoiding the series is just a waste of energy.

Like, what do you want? An award? We’re all out. #sorrynotsorry

Overall, it’s probably best to keep your Game of Thrones innocence all to yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have the rest of the world mocking you for choosing not to watch one of the best shows on TV today.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is currently airing on HBO. The third episode, which is set to feature the massive Battle of Winterfell, will premiere on April 28.

Watch the intense new ‘Game of Thrones’ teaser below:

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