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12 Trips You Have To Take In Your Lifetime

Make travel a more meaningful experience by taking different trips.


There are just so many mesmerizing places that one can easily include in their bucket list. But somehow, you end up using your vacation days to visit places that you have been to in the past. There are more trips you can take than just the usual beach vacation you’ve been planning for summer.

The world is filled with gorgeous places you can travel but to make travel an even more meaningful experience, you should try out taking these 12 types of trips.

#1. Backpacking trip

Source: Bluetent

If you want to take a trip around the world on a budget, backpacking trip is the best option. It should satisfy your thirst for adventure and allow you to meet many people or make friends along the way. Eastern Europe is a good recommendation for backpacking trip since it is said to be a lot cheaper compared to a Western Europe trip.

#2. Volunteering trip

Source: S-Trip

There are a lot of people who take a trip and get out of their comfort zones just to volunteer in a community. These trips usually involve people taking on volunteering tasks like teaching and community conservation. If your heart desires to give back, a volunteer trip anywhere would be a great idea.

#3. Foodie trip

One of the best things about traveling is having the opportunity to taste food that’s unique to a certain region. Vietnam is one of the ideal places to go if you want to embark on a gastronomic adventure. Each region in the country can offer food that has a variety of taste and flavors.

#4. Island trip

Source: Pixabay

This is easily one of the popular kinds of trips by many travelers. Nothing beats the vibrant life and relaxing time on an island. If you need to take a break from the busy life in the city, go on an island adventure to clear your head. For an even more unique experience, you can head to one of the top least visited countries in the world.

#5. Solo trip

Source: Pxhere

This trip is usually done by people who feel like they want to “find themselves.” It provides an opportunity to re-evaluate and think about your life. Then again, it can also be a trip for someone who’s single or one who simply enjoys having time to themselves. What’s great about this trip is that you can do it at your own pace.

#6. Couples trip

Source: Pxhere

Instagram is just filled with beautiful photos of couples taking a trip somewhere far, bearing the hashtag #relationshipgoals. If you and your special someone share a love for traveling, this is the perfect trip to take to celebrate love and let the flame burn brighter.

#7. Luxury trip

Not everyone can afford a luxury trip, but if you can, this trip is one that you shouldn’t miss. Maybe you’ve been promoted or maybe you won a lottery ticket, but the great sum of money can help fund a luxury trip, for instance in a safari trip in Tanzania. Yes, the money can be used for other things that are way more important, but there’s really nothing bad about spending on the finer things in life and not having to feel guilty about it.

#8. Hiking trip

Escape the urban life and take a trip that brings you closer to nature. The Appalachian Trail in the U.S. is probably one of the most popular destinations for hikers.

This trip, however, should not be taken lightly and it is also not for everyone. One should be knowledgeable enough about survival and must do extensive research before embarking into the wild outdoors.

#9. Family trip

You may think that luxury trips are quite challenging but the family trip somehow belongs to the same category. It won’t be easy to plan an adventure with a group, especially since you need to consider each of the family member’s needs. On top of that, there’s the bigger cost when more people are taking the trip. New Zealand happens to be a great destination for families. The country offers various activities that cater both to the young and old.

10. Festival trip

Source: Riocarnival

Different countries celebrate different festivals and it just happens that some countries celebrate it big that tourists wouldn’t want to miss it. Among the popular festivals include the Burning Man in Nevada, Sinulog in the Philippines and the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Be prepared for a wild adventure if you go on this trip.

#11. BFFs trip

Source: Flightcentre

A trip with your best friend could be one of the most memorable and fun trips you can take. If you and your bestie live apart but want to catch up with each other and reminisce about everything good and bad in the past, take a trip with him or her.

#12. Road trip

You can learn a lot of lessons when taking a road trip, especially one wherein you’ll be on mobile for days and days. It’s truly a fun adventure since you can see a lot of things along the way. Taking a road trip pushes you out of your comfort zone and lets you discover more about yourself.

Which of these trips have you already taken?


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