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Top 5 Least Visited Countries In The World

Would you visit any of these countries?

Some people enjoy traveling to places popular for being a tourist haven. Others prefer a place where they can relax away from tourists and meet locals in the area. However, traveling to destinations that are less popular can be a bit of the challenge, especially when you have to take the roads less traveled.

But if traveling to less known places is your definition of real fun and adventure, check out these five countries that only receive between 1,000 to 15,000 visits each year, based on the survey from the United Nations World Tourism Organization. They may be the next on your bucket list.

#1. Tuvalu

Source: Alamy

Talk about least visited, Tuvalu only receives 1,000 visitors a year, which is quite surprising considering this South Pacific destination has tempting beaches. The country doesn’t have armed forces around and is also rather peaceful with a very low crime rate. There are no political parties to make the political decisions as they are made based on family and island loyalty.

#2. Kiribati

Each year, this island in the central Pacific only welcomes about five thousand visitors. Many people think it’s located in the middle of nowhere but the nearest civilization, which is Hawaii, is actually just five hours away. Kiribati is definitely one of the ultimate island destinations. Locals have survived on breadfruit, coconuts, and fish for centuries. Imagine yourself living this simple life and enjoying the beautiful gifts from nature.

#3. Montserrat

This beautiful Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles was once very popular among British traveler but in recent years, it has only welcomed 7,000 tourists per year. The island is prone to natural disasters having hit by a hurricane in 1989. There was also a volcanic eruption in 1995 that devastated the island.

Montserrat has never really fully recovered from the disasters but its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters are what keep a few people attracted to the island.

#4. Sao Tome & Principe

Sao Tome & Principe are two islands that make up the second smallest country in Africa. Every year, this holiday destination only gets visited by 8,000 tourists. The two islands are the perfect getaway if you are into scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching and rainforest adventure.

#5. Comoros

The group of islands in the Indian Ocean is the ideal destination if you want a break from the bustling city life. Nature lovers will be delighted with the lush forests that are home to fruit bats and lemurs, as well as gorgeous volcanic scenery.

Have you visited any of these countries or will you be willing to go there if you haven’t?


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