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Merry Trio Brings Happiness to Strangers by Giving “Day-Old” Flowers





Poignant stories of kindness never fail to brighten up our days. When most people fail to see and appreciate the beauty of life and the simple joys of giving, a simple reminder such as a bouquet of flowers is enough to make us remember.

Every day, without fail, the merry trio of 80-year old Pop Pop, his 60-year old wife Gigi, and their grandson roam the streets of Jacksonville Beach, Florida to give away bouquets of flowers. Trader Joe’s donates the flowers to the elderly couple and every morning, they pick up the flowers after they’re no longer sellable and give them away to the community. They visit neighbors, a senior center, and even schools. According to Pop Pop,

It speaks for itself. It brings an unexpected joy to the people we give them to for no specific reason, which makes it even more important.”

Watch the video below for their full story:

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This story is a beautiful reminder that even simple acts of spreading love and kindness can go a long way.

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Source: USA Today


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