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Tourists Can’t Help But Cry After Losing All Their Belongings in Boracay

These tourists’ ‘dream vacation’ in the Philippines turned out to be a ‘horrific nightmare’.


When it comes to pristine beaches, the Philippines has always been a top choice for tourists. Aside from being one of the budget-friendly destinations, it is also known for its hospitable people everywhere.

One of the top locations of every beach lover is the island of Boracay. The island resort ranked seventh in the 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award among Asia’s Top 10 islands by TripAdvisor. Meanwhile, Travel+Leisure magazine placed it fourth on the ‘The World’s Friendliest Islands’ of 2016.

With its clear waters and pristine beaches, Boracay Island is consistenly on the list of the World's Top Destinations.

It is no surprise then that both local and foreign tourists flock to this tiny island for holidays and long weekends. The annual beach party held last May 1 dubbed as ‘Laboracay’ (a portmanteau of the words “Labor Day” and “Boracay”) attracted numerous visitors. Hotels and resorts were all fully-booked.

Unfortunately, some foreign tourists gearing up for the grandest beach party were left with a horrific experience rather than a memorable one.

These tourists seeking a fun travel experience ended up in tears after their dream vacation turned into a nightmare.

According to a recent Facebook post, some tourists fell victim to theft after unknowingly leaving their belongings on the beach.

They discovered their important belongings were missing after they went swimming on the beach.

The person who uploaded the pictures wrote on the post how she found the foreign tourists crying while other people just passed them by. When she approached them, she learned that their iPhone, cash and cards were missing.

With not a single penny left, the tourist were forced to squeeze in a free ride to get to the police station while assisted by concerned locals.

Apparently, the group went swimming on the beach without anyone looking over their belongings, thinking it would be safe. When they reached the police station to report the matter, it turned out some other tourists were also there to report robbery.

Upon arrival at the police station, they discovered they were among the many victims of theft during that time.

Sadly, it is very traumatizing for a tourist in a foreign country to be mugged and left with no cash or means to contact home. Thus, wherever your destination may be, it pays to be more vigilant and careful about your security and belongings.


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Morris and Bullen’s Instagram have a combined following of over three million. And why won’t they have that number – the couple’s travel photos are just so stunning. Most of them show the pair relaxing on a beach, enjoying laidback moments in a tropical area or sharing meals while getting a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Morris and Bullen started their romance in 2016 and have traveled together since. They have been to countries like England, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain and Morocco, among others. One Instagram post would earn them $9,000 and for Morris, anything less than a $3,000 offer would not be promoted.

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