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Top 12 Parenting Mistakes You Might Not Be Aware Of That Have Negative Impact On Kids

12 important parenting tips you need to know. Things you thought are right about parenting but are actually crippling your child’s growth.

Kris Evangelista





Being a parent is tough. It is a lifetime commitment and you work 24/7.

No breaks, no holidays and no escape from responsibilities. You may not be aware that you are doing things which you think is helpful to your child but in reality it is doing the opposite.

You may think that you are giving your best but think again and try to look back on some areas.

The following tips may shock you about how you deal with your kids.

Be prepared and reflect while reading through this article.

#1. Making your child the center of your attention

#1. Making your child the center of your attention

There is nothing wrong with giving your child time and attention. Have you ever made your schedule based so much on your child's needs? Is your family always or most of the time dining on your son/daughter's favorite fast food? Do you adjust the schedule of your family according to the wants of your kids? Do they always get what they want even if it’s already too much? If yes then you are focusing too much attention to their wants.

This kind of parenting will sooner in life make them self centered. If your child will grow up in an environment where in their wants and likes are always met, then later in life they will be the kind of person who will not get well with others. Not everyone is alike. People have their own desires, interests and hobbies. In life you must learn how to get along with others. Give and take is the key. Learn how to be sensitive with other's needs. It is a balance in life that is learned during childhood.

#2. Deciding so much for your child

#2. Deciding so much for your child

Parental guidance is necessary for your child to grow up right. Decision making is a different story. One common mistake of parents is pushing your frustrations to your child.

If a person wanted to be a doctor or lawyer and end up in a different field, chances are some people will push their child to be a doctor or lawyer to fulfill their dreams. Some parent’s frustration will be passed to their children and would want them to take the road they have desired and would want their kids to be successful on their parents past mistakes or failure. Other parents believe that deciding for their children is the best but in reality, their kids are not happy about it.

Different people have different desires. If you will force your child to be something he does not like, that kid in the future may fail or if he succeeds, he will not be happy and will end up regretting the decision they made.

As a parent we should not decide for our child's career. Best thing we can do for them is to inspire and guide them to choose the right path in their life.

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