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Toddler Calls 911 After Being Left In A Hot Car, Saves Himself And 6 Other Kids

They had been sitting in the hot car for 20 minutes!

  • A four-year-old boy was trapped inside a hot car in a mall parking lot along with six other children.
  • The kids were told not to leave the vehicle despite the sweltering heat.
  • Luckily, the toddler managed to call 911 to save his companions.

Some children are truly remarkable. A toddler and six other kids were left in a car during a hot day as the mom went shopping. Luckily, the four-year-old called 911 and got himself rescued.

The anonymous child was left unsupervised in a car in a parking lot at a mall in St. Charles, Maryland. The woman had told the children to stay in the car although it was unlocked. She then left the kids to go shopping inside for about 20 minutes. However, it was a particularly hot day as the temperature rose to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the children, who were aged two to four years old, had nowhere to go.

The seven children were trapped in a hot car in a mall parking lot.

Amazingly, the toddler managed to get a phone and call 911. Although he was unaware of their exact location, the police managed to find them through GPS.

When the police found the children, they were “scared” and “sweaty” from the immense heat inside the vehicle. The youngest of the seven children was only two years old.

When the woman finally arrived at the car, she was immediately arrested for the confinement of children inside a motor vehicle. In addition to that, only one child was strapped to a car seat.

The children were reportedly “scared” and “sweaty” from the ordeal.

Although her identity was not revealed, the 37-year-old woman was confirmed to be the mother of two of the children. She was also babysitting the other five kids in her car.

The woman was unable to explain why she left all seven children in her car while she went shopping. Nevertheless, she was arrested on the scene.

Leaving a child in a vehicle especially on a hot day can prove to be fatal. Parents and guardians are advised to avoid doing this for the safety of their children.


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