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Toddler Swallows Fidget Spinner Part That Almost Cost His Life

A warning to all parents…

Coco Dollanganger





Fidget spinners took the world by storm last year and even the adults play with them without problems. But who would’ve thought that the seemingly harmless toy could be potentially deadly?

A three-year-old boy in Dallas, Texas was almost killed after he swallowed the fidget spinner’s circuit board and disc battery. This should serve as a warning to parents to keep an eye on their kids when playing with toys.

The toddler underwent an emergecy surgery to remove the parts of the toy from his food pipe.

Source: Pixabay

He was brought to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and his parents believed that he swallowed the lighted part of the fidget spinner. The doctors said that the toy had been in the boy’s esophagus for four hours.

The surgeons immediately performed an emergency surgery to remove the fidget spinner’s circuit board and disc battery from the toddler’s throat. Luckily, the operation was a success and the boy didn’t suffer any serious or permanent injury from ingesting the toy.

Dallas consultants said that it was the world's first case of accidental ingestion of a part of the fidget spinner.

Dr. Charles Saadeh, who led the surgery, said that the ingestion of disc battery could have caused serious damage to the boy’s food pipe in just two hours or worse — death. The circuit board has metallic parts and sharp edges that can pierce a hole in the esophagus.

“Fidget spinners are not subject to national safety regulation. This report serves as an example of the risks of small battery-powered toys, especially to a pediatric population.”

Once the battery reacts with the tissue and saliva, it will produce an alkaline solution that can dispel tissue, which is fatal.

According to the specialists, the boy should have suffered from a sore throat, fever, cough, noisy breathing and difficulty swallowing after he ingested the toy. Fortunately, the doctors said that the toddler never experienced these symptoms


Scientists Discover How The Most Important Gene Stops Cancer From Developing

TP53 is a protein that regulates cancer cells.

Coco Dollanganger



The cure for cancer remains a mystery to this date, and although scientists are doing their best to find one, it might still take a long time for it to get through the market. Several people have survived this notorious disease, but many of them didn't make it.

The human body has genes that strive hard to protect us from cancer and if they don't function well, we become vulnerable and our lives are easily put in danger. This is what happens to all cancer victims, but the scientists in Melbourne have found out how a cancer-preventing gene works hard to stop the development of lymphoma and other types of cancer.

A gene called p53 is a tumor protein that works to suppress a tumor.

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American Mom Raises Her Three Boys In The Philippines As True Filipinos

The kids talk, behave, and eat like Filipinos!




She grew up in California and lived for a few years in Seattle. Now, Amber Folkman is raising her kids in another part of the globe - in Manila, a heavy populated city in the Philippines.

High temperatures, sweet mangoes, and crazy modes of transportation are what greeted them when they moved to the country back in 2009. The Philippines is where these little kids learned priceless life lessons that can serve as a compass throughout their lives.

We are all connected.

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Kat Von D Sparks Controversy After Saying She’ll Raise Her Child Vegan – And Without Vaccinations!

“This is my body. This is our child. And this is our pregnancy journey.”

Mark Andrew



Known to many as a tattoo artist, a reality TV star and a cosmetics entrepreneur, Kat Von D has recently announced her pregnancy and then proceeded to share how she plans to raise her unborn child. Apparently, she’s looking forward to raising a vegan – and she doesn’t want any vaccinations for her baby.

Netizens have since been divided about the subject but one mommy blogger stood out from the rest as she shared her own tragic experience. According to her, her son had a really tough battle with mumps.

Kat Von D openly talked about her anti-vaccine stance to her millions of social media followers.

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