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Somebody Made a Giant Rocket-Powered Fidget Spinner and It’s Awesome





The fidget spinner craze isn’t over just yet, people. And in today’s fidget spinner news, we have YouTuber The Backyard Scientist who just created a giant rocket-powered fidget spinner which, in our opinion, can easily pass for a diabolical death wheel. But it’s still really cool.

The YouTuber, known for his numerous science experiments, strapped three E-sized rocket engines to a large fidget spinner he made out of aluminum. His first trial involved his invention shooting a rocket at his car and firing another rocket toward his friend. Thankfully, the rocket missed hitting his friend and no one was harmed during filming. It goes without saying that, kids, you should not try this at home.

YouTuber The Backyard Scientist decided to create a giant rocket-powered fidget spinner because why not?

Unfazed by the undesirable results of his first attempt, The Backyard Scientist gave the giant rocket-powered fidget spinner another shot. Although the experiment looked quite dangerous, we’re happy he decided to continue. Why? Well, the results are pretty awesome to watch.

A second attempt saw the giant fidget spinner spinning 88 times a second.

The giant rocket-powered fidget spinner ended up spinning for as long as 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

The YouTuber explained more of the experiment’s results in his video’s caption where he wrote:

“The spinner has a 6-inch radius, so it travels ~37 inches to make a full circle. It’s spinning 88 times per second (5,200 per minute), so that means the tip is traveling 276 feet per second, or 188.182mph. So yeah, 1000mph fidget spinner is pretty much impossible. Who will accept my challenge?”

See how The Backyard Scientist created his giant rocket-powered fidget spinner below.

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