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Boy With Liver Disease Asked For a Duet With Toby Keith. He Agreed, and It Was Touching!





Being a musical artist gives one a chance to use influence and popularity to advocate what they believe in. Whilst some just care about making lots of cash, we salute those who write and sing songs with a deeper meaning. This is because people would not only have something to entertain them, but also have something to regard as an inspiration for betterment.

Take Toby Keith’s 2003 song, “American Soldier,” which is about a soldier who is about to be deployed for duty. Keith did not only write and produce a record out of the song, he flew all the way to Afghanistan in 2009 to sing the song for the US soldiers assigned there. That is how much he salutes the military.

Trevor Scott is a big fan of Keith; he may have felt the genuineness of the song because he loves it as well. During one of Keith’s performances in Cleveland, Ohio, The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped the 10-year-old boy meet Keith backstage. He then asked the artist if they could perform the song, “American Soldier” on stage. Of course, the country singer found it hard to refuse and so they had a duet during that night. It was so nice of him to grant the boy’s wish!

Watch the video here:

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Three days after their performance, Scott underwent a liver transplant, which turned out to be a success! He might have taken the once in a lifetime performance as a big inspiration!

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Credits: bill britt via Little Things

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