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This Trash Can Crushes Your Garbage So You Won’t Have To Touch It

It also has features that make trash totally odor-free!

Mark Andrew





Let’s face it: taking out the trash is NEVER any person’s favorite household chore. Besides, no one likes holding garbage and so we just couldn’t help but wish someone else would take care of the task for us. Not to mention that trash literally stinks!

Well what if we told you that there’s a product out there that can actually make your life much easier? Garbage-haters, meet Joseph Joseph’s Titan Trash Compactor, an awesome trash can surely loves the chore you hate!

With this innovative trash can, you will never have to touch any garbage ever again.

How is that even possible, you ask? Well as its name dictates, the Titan Trash Compactor comes with a compaction system feature that pushes down the garbage so you won’t have to get your hands dirty (and stinky) at all.

It maximizes space, so you won’t have to take out trash all too often. And it’s an odor-free garbage system!

Titan can hold up to three times more garbage compared to typical trash cans of similar size. That, of course, means you would have to make less runs to take trash out. In this way, it helps you save time, too.

Apparently, this unique trash can is able to “reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction,” its Amazon product description reads.

The system also utilizes an integrated odor filter compartment with replaceable carbon filters so any unpleasant smell are eliminated. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you won’t need to touch any trash, since only the insides of the trash bags hold them while compacting.

Most importantly, it’s super durable!

We are told that it’s compaction system and foot pedal “have been tested over 100,000 times” to ensure that you get the most of your money. In fact, the company even throws in a 10-year guarantee for their buyers.

Watch the video here to see it in action:

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7 Strange Facts About The Planets In Our Solar System

Our solar system is really weird.

Nobelle Borines



Earth truly is beautiful and strange but our home seems relatively harmless compared to the other planets in our solar system. After all, Uranus reportedly smells like rotten eggs due to the hydrogen sulfide in its atmosphere. However, this isn't the strangest thing you will find about our nearest neighbors.

We should be happy with how stable Earth is compared to other planets. Case in point, the dwarf planet Pluto is constantly losing tons of nitrogen from its atmosphere. This is because Pluto is too small to have enough gravity to keep its atmosphere and yet the tiny planet never runs out of nitrogen. Is there a hidden nitrogen factory under Pluto's surface? Scientists are hoping to find out soon.

In the meantime, here are seven strange facts about the other planets in our solar system.

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China To Build World’s Longest Undersea Rail Tunnel Linking Mainland To Taiwan

The 135km undersea railway tunnel is expected to be 3½ longer than Channel Tunnel, currently the world’s longest at 37.9km.

Mark Andrew



Chinese scientists are taking steps towards building a massive undersea railway tunnel. Once completed, it will connect mainland China to Taiwan – and it will be the world’s longest ever.

According to the South China Morning Post, the multi-billion-yuan project is expected to have shuttle trains “whizzing through a 135km undersea section of the tunnel at up to 250km/h by 2030.”

The tunnel “will be one of the largest and most challenging civil engineering projects in the 21st century,” said a government scientist who refused to be named.

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7 Simple Hacks To Avoid Car Theft

You’ve seen their schemes on the news, so stay alert and don’t fall victim to their tricks.




We all want to do our best to make sure that our cars are kept safe. Unfortunately, there will always be up to no good people who will do whatever it takes to steal your prized possession.

People are getting better and better at stealing cars. Luckily, you can follow these seven simple hacks that can save your vehicle from theft.

1. Mark the glass.

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