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10 Tips In Taking Romantic Photos With Your Imaginary Girlfriend





Are you tired and feeling annoyed that you get frequently asked about your love life? The curiosity would be even more irritating if you have nothing to share with them.

Being single can suck, and Valentines Day definitely does not make it better. But Rain Yokohama found a way for people to dupe their friends into thinking that they have an active love life. Here are ten of his photography tips in taking romantic photos with your imaginary girlfriend.

1. Can’t take my eyes off you.

2. When you’re too tired, so bae sends you sweet nothings.

3. Every day is a perfect day when I’m with you.

4. Here’s for our love!

5. When you’re sleepy but bae can’t stop taking pictures of you.

6. Just like those romantic movie posters.

7. When you fell asleep and bae is being silly.

8. I will never let go of your hand.

9. Your hand fits perfectly with mine.

10. Destiny of thrones.

Rain Cavalry Yokohama from Thailand has mastered the art of taking incredibly convincing photos of himself and his “fake girlfriend.” He has gathered a large following on Facebook, where he often uploads his famous selfies with his beloved bae.

The social media star showed pictures of himself in bed with his “girlfriend,” or the pair sitting side by side with their backs to the camera, or simply holding each other’s hands. It was then revealed the images were only of the man and his cleverly placed wig.

On the Internet, you can pretend to be whoever you want, and that includes pretending to be a cuddly romantic guy that has a sweet and loving girlfriend. Rain Yokohama’s tips may be hilarious, but they are actually pretty convincing.

At times, his contortions are more impressive than the end result – with pictures on Facebook showing him twisting and bending to reach tricky positions.

Maybe some of the lonely hearts out there could give this a try.

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